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Where to Begin?

·         Be Flexible, Be Positive, Be Ready!

·         Get to know your campuses and various coworkers by completing the BEGINNING OFTHE YEAR CHECKLIST and turn in to your coordinator.

·         If you are an SISD employee traveling between campuses during school hours, you will need to maintain the Official School Business Travel Log.  Obtain a copy of the SISD mileage chart which lists all buildings in the district and driving distances.  Return to Special Services for reimbursement at times designated by the Special Ed. Accounting Coordinator.  Do not record mileage from your home to school.

·         Each school has a handbook that should contain detailed campus information.  Check with your campus school secretary to obtain one of these.

·         If you are going to be absent, contact the Special Services receptionist at ext. 6265 and the Coordinator of Assessment.  Leave a message before 8:30 in the morning.  Also contact your campus to notify them of your absence.  Be certain that all responsibilities are covered (i.e. ARDs, staffings, etc.) and appropriate people are notified if you need to reschedule a meeting. 

·         In the event of an absence, the Absence From Duty form and submit to the Special Education Receptionist via interoffice mail.

Campus Responsibilities

Meet the administrators and determine appropriate days of the week and times for IEP meetings.
Meet with the department chair/team leader to collaborate on IEP meeting procedures for special education teachers
Meet with the registrar to discuss transfer procedures for new students.
Meet with assessment staff members to discuss procedures, upcoming IEP meeting due dates and assessment due dates.
Identify the related service personnel and collaborate schedules for days of the week to hold ARD meetings.
Identify students who are in need of IEP meetings to discuss retention or placement, specifically relating to SSI grades.
Print from eSchool and eSped a list of special education students by campus and cross check the two lists to ensure accuracy.  Mark any students who have withdrawn from the district in eSped.
Exchange diagnostician folders with campuses for students transferring within district.  Complete a folder exchange form for each folder exchanged.
Verify all annual ARD dates and all Full & Individual dates to ensure accuracy. Share a list of Annual ARD dates with the diagnostician/SLP clerk so IEP meetings can be scheduled.
 Look at the previous year “To Do” list and begin working to ensure the items have been completed or that action is taken on the items.

District Responsibilities

·         Identify transfer students and obtain all IEP paperwork from the previous school and district.

·         Hold an IEP meeting for all transfer students within 30 school days from the student’s date of enrollment.

·         Ensure that special education teachers have distributed all accommodations and goals/objectives for students to the general education teachers.

·         Attend all district diagnostician professional development sessions.

·         Grant your Assessment Coordinator access to your calendar and keep calendar up to date.

·         After obtaining your laptop, ensure you have eSped access and eSchool access for the campus(es) you serve.  Contact the Special Ed Technology Coordinator with any questions ext. 6290.

·         Complete your Laptop Checkout and Maintenance Agreement for the beginning of the year.

·         Contact Special Ed Technology Coordinator to ensure all printers are installed and report any difficulties to the Special Ed Technology Coordinator ext 6290.


·         Utilize the Google calendar for each ARD/Staffing, and to keep track of timelines.

·         Have the following information accessible at all times at each campus:

1.       Spec Ed directory and phone numbers

2.       JAM & Diagnostician Meeting dates

3.       SISD Calendar

4.       Testing schedule for STAAR, CFA’s , DFA’s, etc.

5.       Referral Timeline

6.       Relevant Flow Charts for procedures

7.       Obtain the campus information needed; Bell schedule, teacher conference periods, campus room numbers, campus activity schedule, and phone extensions, etc.

8.       Coordinate with Campus Team Leaders to ensure that all case managers are trained on their responsibility with the ARD/IEP document.


Campus Responsibilities

·         In early April, begin to identify students who are eligible for Extended School Year services, hold an IEP meeting and submit ESY documentation to the coordinator in charge of ESY services.

·         Ensure all campus folders are in alphabetical order and properly organized.

·         Provide a list of students that will be transferring to another campus to the Coordinator for Assessment. Specify which campus the student will be transferring to for the beginning of the year folder exchange.

·         Ensure that all confidential records are stored in a locked room and/or file cabinet.

·         Ensure the office utilized as the diagnostician office is clean and submit keys to the campus secretary.

District Responsibilities

·         Ensure that all IEP meeting documents have been properly distributed to pertinent committee members, including parents.

·         Ensure that all original IEP meeting documents have been filed in each student’s state folder.

·         Ensure accurate lists of students at each campus and that campus working folders are complete.

·         Ensure that all evaluations have been properly distributed to pertinent committee members, including parents.

·         Ensure that all original assessments have been filed in each student’s state folder.

·         Completion of required logs, including a log of campus IEP meetings and Assessments that are due, by month.

·         Completion of “action items” list by campus for the upcoming year

·         Hold a second annual ARD for all annuals held in the month of September



·         Send email to campus administrator overseeing Summer School and provide a list of the students receiving special services who will be attending Summer School and will take the 3rd STAAR administration

·         Begin to prepare caseload list of students for next year (TL/DC will have names after KidShare)
·         Create list of 6th & 7th grade students that will need a brief ARD for IPI when school resumes in next school year – Collect CSR for these brief ARDs

·         Create list of 8th grade students that will need a brief ARD for SSI on or before the first day when school resumes in fall – Collect CSR after you return on contract (TC will have CSR)

·         Send email to case managers (and clerk) to let them know which of their students will need an IPI or SSI brief ARD when school resumes 

·         Review all documents saved on your computer and organize them, delete those not needed, and transfer important documents on your jump drive, and clean email messages

·         Go through all paperwork on your desk, in drawers, and other places and pulp what you don’t need – organize those hard copies that you do need and get ready for a new school year

·         Label furniture and cabinets in your room that you need when you return

·         Pull diagnostician folders for students transferring to a different campus in the fall – organize folders / clean out unnecessary papers – place in marked boxes for easy transfer in the fall

·         Begin to plan a meeting with the special education campus staff upon their return to school in the fall – Create a PowerPoint presentation and/or provide handouts as a way to introduce yourselves and to start the school year with a good understanding of district expectations and build camaraderie