State Folder Setup and Auditing

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State Folder Setup and Auditing:

1ST PAGE - the back of the front of the folder - ARD Section (Chronological Order -Most recent on top)

·         Child Outcome Forms   
·         First ARD in folder will be the Initial Placement ARD and Consent for Initial Placement
·         A colored sheet of paper will divide the Initial ARD from the rest of the ARDs
·         Annual ARDs
·         Review ARDs
·         ARD Amendments
·          IEP updates from the annual ARD should have been turned in with the annual ARD and should stay with it. These should have been placed behind the annual ARD.
·         The most recent ARD should always be on top.

2ND PAGE - Receipt Section (Chronological Order -Most recent on top)
·         Home Language Survey
·         Releases
·         SHARS Consent
·         Receipts
·         Receipt of Notice of Procedural Safeguards
·         Acknowledgement Forms
·         Court Orders (adoptions – guardianship – CPS/RF, etc.)

3RD PAGE – Transfer and Previous District’s Records Section

·         Transfer Agreement paperwork on top
·         All ARDs from previous district

4TH PAGE  Teacher Monitoring Section  (Chronological Order -Most recent on top)

·         Yearly Close Out Paperwork

·         Teacher Contact Logs

·         Phone Logs

·         LPAC – End of Year Paperwork

·         Monitoring Sheets/Forms

·         Annual Conference Logs

·         Restraint Forms

·         Removal/Suspension DAEP forms

·         Notice of Removal

·         In-Home and Parent Training Session Summary Forms

5TH PAGE  Teacher IEP Progress Section  (Chronological Order -Most recent on top)

·         All Progress Reports except those that came in with the annual ARD. Those stay with the annual.

·         In-Home Training Progress Reports

6TH PAGE   Transition Section (Chronological Order -Most recent on top)

·         Social Security  Request Paperwork

·         Transition Paperwork

·         Graduation Paperwork

·         DARS Paperwork

·         MHMR Paperwork

7TH PAGE   STAAR Testing and District Testing Section (Chronological Order -Most recent on top)

·         State Assessments (STAAR, TAKS, TPRI, etc.)

·         TELPAS Testing

·         District Assessments

8TH PAGE -back page of folder- FIE Section (Chronological Order -Most recent on top)

·         FIE with Consent for Assessment behind each assessment

·         Medical Reports

·         Parent Information Sheets

·         ECI Screenings and Questionnaires

·         PPCD Screenings and Questionnaires


Please ensure each folder is Clean, Orderly, Complete and in the correct order: