TREx Request Procedures

What We Do
  • The campus TREx user is responsible for requesting ALL student records via TREx. (This includes SpED, LPAC, 504, At Risk, custody, and any other documents needed for campus staff to correctly place the student in the appropriate classroom setting).
  • Upon receipt of records, the TREx user is responsible for disseminating the records to the appropriate staff for review, proper filing, and coding.  
  • You only email Felicia Stewart or Wanda Concha when you are FULFILLING an incoming request and the student is coded SpEd in eSchool.

 Requesting SPED records via email:

  • Email  Felicia Stewart or Wanda Concha. (If the request is not fulfilled within 48 hrs, please email Rose Henry (
  • Felicia or Wanda will log in to your campus and attach the SpEd records to your uploaded data for the requested student.
  • Do not forward or reject when SpEd records are requested/involved.