Program Behavior Specialist

What We Do

The Program Behavior Specialist serves as a behavioral resource to teachers, administrators and parents in the elements and implementation of the Positive Approach to Student Success (PASS) and Adaptive Behavior (AB) programs.  Services include student observations, teacher consultation, collecting and analyzing data, creating individual behavior plans, coaching staff on implementation of the behavior program, modeling intervention strategies and providing staff development.


Major Responsibilities and Duties:

·         Train teachers for the PASS and AB programs.

·         Provide PASS and AB teacher(s), counselor and administrator support through weekly on-site campus visits and consultations.

·         Provide staff development for general and special education staff regarding PASS and AB program elements, classroom management and targeted behavioral strategies for students served through each program.

·         Assist in developing interventions and behavior plans for the purpose of providing a safe and effective educational environment for students in the PASS or AB Program.

·         Conduct formal and informal observations of students with behavioral challenges who may be considered for PASS or AB program placement.

·         Conduct Functional Behavior Assessments (FBAs) for all students served in PASS or AB and develop Behavior Intervention Plans (BIPs).

·         Assist teachers in the development of appropriate behavior goals and objectives.

·         Assist in the implementation of Behavior Intervention Plans (BIPs) that coordinate with student’s individual diagnosis and level of functioning in the classroom.  This may include providing teacher training, modeling and coaching for individual students with behavioral challenges.

·         Serve as a member of the Admission, Review and Dismissal Committee providing all necessary paperwork.

·         Meet with campus general and special education staff regarding student academic and behavioral progress during each grading period.

·         Assist campus crisis team in emergency situations.

·         Help facilitate a smooth transition for students moving campuses.

·         Provide parent training and consultation services, when needed.  Attend home visits when approved by supervisor.

·         Participate in continuing education activities in order to remain informed of best practices in the field of behavior and other related fields.

·         Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor.


District Responsibilities:

·         Complete all paperwork within required timelines written in a professional manner.

·         Provide weekly schedule to Supervisor.  Notify scheduled campus and Supervisor any time this schedule will not be followed.

·         Share Google calendar with Supervisor.

·         Review and/or create a folder for each student served and keep in a secure location.

·         Attend all required AB and PASS program, department and district meetings and trainings.

·         Follow all guidelines in the staff handbook.

·         Maintain Nonviolent Crisis Intervention (NCI) as well as Applied Physical Training (APT) certification.

·         Maintain a Mileage Log.  Obtain a copy of the SISD Mileage Chart which lists all buildings in the district and driving distances.  Return completed logs to Special Services for reimbursement by the 10th of each month.  Do not record mileage from your home to school.

·         When absent, contact the Special Services receptionist at ext. 6265 and Supervisor.  Complete an absence form upon return to work.

Campus Responsibilities:

·         Provide program training to district PASS and AB teachers.

·         Assist in the facilitation of the PASS and AB programs and oversee the fidelity of implementation of each.

·         Ensure PASS and AB teachers understand the required program elements.

·         Coach and model elements of the program for teachers and paraprofessionals.

·         Be responsive to campus requests for consultation and continually collaborate with campus staff.

·         Seek out campus administration when consistent concerns or problems arise with a program, program teacher or staff member.

·         Meet with campus counselor, diagnostician and other appropriate staff at the beginning of the year to develop procedures for regular communication and coordination of services throughout the school year.

·         Connect with campus administration and discuss roles and responsibilities of the RtI Behavior Specialist.

·         Review PASS and AB student BIPs, Behavior Goals and Objectives, schedule of services page, accommodations and modifications pages and ARD deliberations for important information.

·         Attend all campus PASS and AB meetings.

·         Keep detailed Behavior Specialist Logs as well as Parent Communication Logs.  Maintain accurate records of meetings, conversations, intervention suggestions, observations and any other relevant information for each student.

·         Serve as a member of the Admission, Review and Dismissal (ARD) Committee.

·         Conduct Functional Behavior Assessments (FBAs) and Behavior Intervention Plans (BIPs) within ARD prescribed timelines.

·         Complete all required IEP meeting paperwork at least 5 school days prior to the meeting:

a.       Enter PLAAFP information into eSped, if applicable.

b.      Provide a copy of and review the FBA and/or BIP with campus staff and parents.