Procedures for Reinforcement Purchases

What We Do

Initial purchases for reinforcers will be made for all specialized programs and distributed prior to the start of school.

The following are approved for purchase:

1.       Reinforcers determined based on results of preference assessments

2.       Adaptive Behavior /PASS store items

3.       Foods of minimal nutritional value

4.       Vocational supplies to support students in CBI and SL  (cooking  and cleaning activities)

Funds are not to be used to purchase items that can otherwise be ordered with of a purchase order.  This includes instructional materials, equipment, furniture, office supplies, gaming systems, etc.

If you have questions about purchases, please speak with your Special Education Coordinator for clarification before making a purchase.


  1. Special Education Program teachers must complete and submit a Request for Use of District Special Education Funds Form with attached student preference assessments for all purchase requests.
  2. Request quarterly to their campus Program Facilitator/Specialist (September  1st, 2015, December 1st, 2015 & February 1st, 2015.)
  3. Special Education Program Facilitator/Specialist will submit request to their campus Special Education Coordinator for review no later than the 5th of September, December, & February.  No request will be accepted after the 5th of the ordering month, request that come in after the 5th will need to wait for the next order submission date.
  4. Campus Coordinators will submit the request to the Manager and/or the Executive Director of Special Education for approval by the 10th of the month.
  5. The order will either be placed or denied. Confirmation of order being placed will be sent by each coordinator to the campus TL/DC by the 15th of each order month.  If an order is denied a written explanation will be provided.
  6. Orders will be made online via: Lakeshore Learning; Oriental Trading; or Sam’s Club, or Walmart.
  7. Items will be distributed to each program teacher at the monthly connection meetings.
  8. Staff members not in attendance at the monthly connection meeting will receive an email notification that they will need to schedule a time to pick up their materials before or after school, and their administrator will be copied.