Postage and Mailing Procedures

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§ 300.202 Use of amounts.
(a)General. Amounts provided to the LEA under Part B of the Act -
(1) Must be expended in accordance with the applicable provisions of this part;
(2) Must be used only to pay the excess costs of providing special education and related services to children with disabilities, consistent with paragraph (b) of this section; and
(3) Must be used to supplement State, local, and other Federal funds and not to supplant those funds.


It is the responsibility of the campus to pay for postage for any item that would also be mailed for any student not served through special education (ex. report cards, campus updates, letters from the principal, etc.). This is a federal requirement as the use of federal special education funds can only be used to cover the excess costs of providing special education services.

Excess postage that special education may pay for includes items such as:
  • IEP/ARD Meeting Notices
  • IEP Goals and Objectives Progress Reports
  • IEP Documents
  • FIE Documents
When postage is required that meet the criteria outlined above:
  1. Collect the items that need be be mailed and place them in an inner-office mail envelope
  2. On the envelope, write your name and your campus as the sender
  3. On the envelope, write Mary Schroeder as the receiver and "Admin" as the campus
  4. Send the envelop through interoffice mail. 
  5. Mary Schroeder, Special Education Finance Coordinator, will create a postage order and submit the items to the mail room to be mailed out
  6. The mail room will apply the postage and submit the items to USPS for delivery