Program Facilitator

What We Do
The Program Facilitator's primary responsibility is to work with the campuses to ensure programming is designed and implemented to instruct students with low incidence disabilities.  The program facilitator is responsible for training teachers/paraprofessionals in setting up their classrooms, utilization of the district alternative curriculum, structuring the learning environment, and using appropriate techniques/supports to build social/functional behaviors as outlined in the student's IEP.  The facilitators expertise is used to assist teachers across the district in designing programs that provide learning experiences that are age appropriate and conducive to meeting the individual needs of the students who need alternative academic achievement standards to progress successfully through school.

Major Responsibilities and Duties
  • Provide campus administration and staff with support in developing and determining appropriate services and supports for individual students.
  • Provide needed training to individual teachers, campuses and through Connection Meetings.
  • Provide teacher training, modeling and coaching to support student’s individual needs.
  • Provide training, modeling and coaching to support strategies and interventions for behavioral goals for the purpose of providing a safe and appropriate educational environment for students.
  • Support the development of student’s IEP goals and objective (AU Supplement, adaptive social skills, TEKS vertical alignment) as needed.
  • Serve as a member of the IEP meeting as assigned by supervisor.
  • Support campuses on a continuous schedule dependent on campus needs (Tiered Support).
  • Participate in continuing education activities in order to remain informed of based practices in the area of Low Incident Disabilities and other related areas.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by Supervisor 
District Responsibilities 
  • Complete all required paperwork within all required timelines written in a professional manner
  • Provided weekly schedule to supervisor and notify scheduled campus and supervisor anytime the schedule will not be followed 
    • Develop schedule to support campuses based on tiered support
    • Update calendar daily
  • Update Program Facilitator Log Weekly
  • Complete conversation notes to document action steps for each Tiered Support visit
  • Complete Quality Indicator walks
  • Attend all required program/department district meetings and trainings
  • Maintain Non Violent Crisis Intervention certification
  • Maintain a mileage log.  Obtain a copy of the SISD Mileage Chart.  Follow department procedures regarding submission of mileage.  
  • When reporting an absence, follow department procedures outlined in the Procedure Manual 
  • Communicate with Campus Coordinator when consistent concerns or problems arise with a campus, program, program teacher or staff members
  • Follow all guidelines in the staff handbook

Campus Responsibilities

Assist in the facilitation of CBI/SL programs and oversee the fidelity of implementation of each the district’s Top 10 non-negotiables. 
  1. Unique Learning 
  2. Class and Individual Schedules (Routinely used)  
  3. Visual Supports
  4. Independent workstations
  5. Work with teacher (one-on-one) 
  6. Circle Time/Morning Meeting 
  7. Centers/Stations
  8. Reinforcement Systems (evident throughout the classroom)
  9. Defined Classroom areas
  10. Data collection

Guidelines for ARD/IEP Meetings


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