In Home and Parent/Family Trainer

What We Do


The role of the IH/PFT is to help students generalized IEP related social/behavioral skills across settings, such as school to home, school to community, home to community and community to home.

The responsibilities of the In-Home and Parent/Family Trainer encompasses the entire cycle for this related service. The In-Home and Parent/Family trainer is responsible assisting with finding viable alternatives to In-Home-Parent/Family Training with the diagnostician and other campus staff members. He/she is also responsible for attending ARDs; for evaluating the need for IH/PFT when it is deemed necessary by the ARDC; for the development of the goals and objectives; for the implementation of those goals and objectives; for keeping documentation of progress on the child’s goals and objectives; and for retiring goals and objectives upon their completion.


Major Responsibilities and Duties:


    1. Provide resources and viable alternatives to IH/PFT at a Staffing or ARDC prior to assessment
    2. Conduct IH/PFT evaluations upon ARDC request
    3. Conduct school and home visits to observe students
    4. Pick up and drop off paperwork as needed
    5. Write the IH/PFT Reports
    6. Collaborate with other evaluators to make sure recommendations are appropriate and that assessment questions are answered
    7. Review current and retired IEP goals and objectives
    8. Develop new IEP Goals and Objectives
    9. Attend ARDs  to present evaluations and recommendations

Diagnostician/AU Facilitator Requests

  1. Be responsive to the needs of the campus
  2. Gather paperwork for new evaluations from diagnosticians
  3. Attend ARD/IEP Meetings
  4. Provide paperwork to guide other staff members
  5. Provided ongoing collaboration of the status of assessments and cases

In-home and Parent/Family Trainings

  1. Schedule visits
  2. Document calls to parents on call logs
  3. Locate and prepare materials
  4. Provide training as deemed appropriate by the ARD/IEP Committee
  5. Communicate regularly with teachers, AU facilitators, behavior specialists, parents and other relevant staff members
  6. Gather requested resources and distribute them to parents,  put parents in contact with CYS worker or Transition Specialists when appropriate

Updating/Filing/Data Collection

    1. Gather data on student progress
    2. Keep the database updated
    3. Update IEP goals and objectives
    4. Send Progress Reports
    5. File documents in state file
    6. Fill in In-Home-Parent/Family Training notebook

Campus Responsibilities

    1. Be responsive to the campus requests for assistance
    2. Provide each campus DC/TL and the diagnostician with a list of students that are receiving IH/PFT services and the projected date for competition
    3. Provide assistance with determining viable alternative strategies
    4. Assist with determining who will provide and implement the alternative strategies
    5. Assist with identifying possible areas for IH/PFT
    6. Conduct proper observations in the home, school and community as needed
    7. Conduct IH/PFT evaluation and produce a written report within 60 calendar days or less of the signed consent for evaluation
    8. Review the assessment with the parent and the campus 7 calendar days prior to the ARD/IEP meeting
    9. Identify goals and objectives from the evaluation
    10. Review the proposed goals and objectives with the campus and the parents 7 days prior to the IEP meeting for in-put for the final proposed goals and objectives
    11. Participate in staffings and ARDs to present goals and objectives
    12. Investigate possible needed materials for the implementation of the goals and objectives
    13. Set up appointments with the family for IH/PFT visits, reschedule as needed
    14. Keep detailed contact logs regarding attempts to contact parents and outcomes of those attempts
    15. Provide appropriate IH/PFT sessions in the appropriate environments to ensure that the student generalizes the skills across the needed settings
    16. Provide the parent/family and campus with needed materials to ensure the generalization of the skills across settings
    17. Collect data on the student’s progress for goals and objectives
    18. Keep detailed Service Logs
    19. Up-date IEPs as needed
    20. Enter data into Progress Reports as needed
    21. If the student is receiving direct IH/PFT services at the time of the annual ARD the IH/PFT will provide the following information to the ARDC regarding IH/PFT:
      • Data on the student’s progress to the child’s CM to be incorporated into the PLAAFP
      • Updated IH/PFT IEP goals and objectives
      • New or continued IEP goals and objectives with the appropriate dates on them
      • A summary report describing the progress of the student on the previously developed goals and objectives
      • Recommendation as to the additional number of sessions that will be needed to complete the goals and objectives
    22. Upon the conclusion of the IH/PFT cycle the IH/PFT will assist the ARDC in retiring the IH/PFT IEP goals and objectives

District Responsibilities

    1. Complete all paperwork in a timely fashion
    2. Provide documents that are appropriate and professionally written
    3. Turn all documents in to the campus staff or records room in a timely fashion
    4. Keep clear and accurate Parent Contact logs
    5. Keep clear and accurate logs of the services provided
    6. Provide the IH/PFT supervision with a weekly schedule of proposed visits
    7. Complete monthly SHARS / Medicaid on each student by using (
    8. Up-date IEPs in a timely fashion
    9. Turn in Progress Reports in a timely fashion
    10. Provide detailed documentation and data collection of progress on IEP goals and objectives

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