Homebound Teacher

What We Do


The role of the homebound teacher is to provide direct academic instruction to special education, 504, or general education students who are served at home or at hospital bedside due to a medical condition that precludes them from attending their home campus for 4 or more weeks.


The responsibilities of the homebound teacher encompasses the entire cycle for this educational service. The delivery of this service looks different for different children and their medical conditions. For some student’s, the homebound teacher will collaborate with the home campus teachers to gather the child’s lessons and materials; implement the lessons; and return the student’s work back to the campus teacher for evaluation. For other students, the homebound teacher will create the lessons; gather the materials and teach the lesson; and evaluate the student’s work.


The homebound teacher is also responsible for preparing documents to be presented at the student’s ARD/IEP meetings; developing the goals and objectives; implementing goals and objectives; keeping documentation of progress on the child’s goals and objectives; preparing progress reports, and for retiring goals and objectives upon their completion.


Major Responsibilities and Duties: 

  • The homebound teacher’s day consist of 8.5 hours with a 30 minute lunch.  HB teachers can start their day at one of the following places (HB office, school campus, or a student’s home) 
  • HB teachers are required to sign in when they go to any campus on the (red) clip board and sign in when they are at the HB office portable 
  •  HB teachers are required to keep a weekly schedule of where they have been for the week.  All changes and cancellations must be noted on the schedule that they turn in at the end of the week
  • All weekly paperwork must be turned in on Fridays
  • HB teachers will contact and communicate with parent to set up a weekly schedule
  • HB teachers will arrive on time to students home or contact the parent if session needs to be missed or rescheduled
  •  HB teachers will make up any time that needs to be rescheduled
  • HB teachers will provide accurate documentation of visits on weekly documentation log.  Logs must be filled out with all of the required student information (Student Name, ID#, TX Unique ID#, Grade, School, Date,  and HB Teacher Name)
  • HB teachers will provide accurate documentation and a  description of instructional services provided to each student on their weekly logs
  •  HB teachers will provide accurate documentation of all mileage on mileage log
  • HB teachers will communicate weekly/bi-weekly with the campus regarding student’s status and progress.  This can be done by e-mail.  Communication is a key factor when a student is receiving homebound services
  • HB teachers will communicate with related service providers and provide a homebound schedule to them for each student
  • HB teachers will let the related service providers know when there are any cancellations
  •  HB teachers will have a separate folder for each student with the following included:

1. Parent contact log

2. Homebound registration form with student address

3. Copy of the PLAAFP statement

4. Copy of the most recent FIE on file

5. Copy of Goals & Objectives

6. Copy of Modifications/Accommodations and Supplemental Aids

            7. Students Schedule of services page from the last IEP meeting

            8. Students current school schedule

            9. STAAR testing information

          10. Data sheets with current data on student progress

  •  HB teachers will prepare for their student’s annual IEP meeting.

·                 Use the IEP Meeting Check List when prepping for IEP meetings including the following:

1. Update goals & objectives in eSped

            2. Update PLAAFP

            3. Create new goals and objectives

            4. Put in personal care services

5. Provide STAAR testing recommendations

  • The HB teacher will maintain up to date data sheets on every student.  This data will support the progress report data that is entered into E-Sped.  Data must be taken at a minimum 1 time per week when a student is receiving homebound services.
  • The HB teacher will complete progress reports (concurrent with report cards) and provide copies to the parents.

  • The HB teacher will submit grades to the teachers of record.


        Campus Responsibilities

    1. Continually collaborate with the campus staff
    2. Review proposed goals and objectives with the campus and the parents 7 days prior to the IEP meeting for input for the final proposed goals and objectives
    3. Investigate possible needed materials for the implementation of the goals and objectives
    4. Schedule time to provide instruction and reschedule as needed
    5. Keep detailed Parent Contact Logs regarding attempts to contact parents in order to  provide HB instructional sessions and outcomes of those attempts
    6. Provide the parent with needed materials to continue the lesson once the HB teacher has gone
    7. Collect data on the student’s progress for goals and objectives
    8. Keep detailed Weekly Documentation Logs
    9. Update IEPs as needed
    10. Enter data into Progress Reports concurrent with report cards

        District Responsibilities

1.       Complete all paperwork in a timely fashion

2.       Provide documents that are appropriate and professionally written

3.       Turn all documents in to the campus staff or records room in a timely fashion

4.       Keep clear and accurate Parent Contact Logs

5.       Keep clear and accurate Weekly Documentation Logs of the services provided

6.       Provide the Lead HB teacher with a weekly schedule of proposed visits

7.       Update IEPs in a timely fashion

8.       Turn in Progress Reports in a timely fashion

9.       Provide detailed documentation and data collection of progress on IEP goals and objectives