Diagnostician Timeline - August

August To Do
  • Complete Beginning of the Year Checklist and turn into Diagnostician Coordinator by September 1, 2017
  • Complete all IPI and SOS meetings
  • Complete any Schedule Change ARD/IEP meetings
  • Check with campus registrar daily to determine if anyone has enrolled that is in special education
  • Complete Transfer Student-Agreement to Implement within eSped for all transfer students within 10 school days of the student being on campus (Transfer Procedures)
  • Turn in all transfer information and PEIMS to SEMS Clerk as soon as the meeting and paperwork are complete—within 3 days of holding the meeting. 
    • Do not hold this information.  
    • Send agreement to implement, Medicaid, procedural safeguards, previous ARD and FIE, PEIMS, parent information, etc to SEMS clerk ASAP.
  • Determine all students that are in need of evaluations this school year, and have REEDs been completed and consent obtained
  • Begin scheduling Annual ARD/IEP Meetings for the year (ARD/IEP Committee Meeting Member Checklist)
  • Review previous To Do list for this school year, and begin taking care of the items
  • Check with special education teachers that all appropriate documents have been distributed to general education staff and documented
Daily To Do
Campus Responsibilities
  • Prepare all IEP meeting documentation prior to the meeting.
  • Check calendar daily to prepare accordingly.
  • Arrive on campus early to provide time for you to prepare for the day
  • Check your IEP meetings for the day
  • Double-check that the eSped documents for each meeting scheduled for the day are complete, error-free, and ready for printing
  • Print the IEP paperwork that you need for each meeting: signature page, parent 5-day advance notice waive page – any other pages that need a signature
  • Organize all IEP meeting paperwork in the folder the clerk has prepared and make sure everything is ready for each of your meetings today
  • Check your schedule for tomorrow, the rest of the week, and next week – noting any changes that need to be made, a staffing to squeeze in, and etc.
  • Answer phone calls and return email messages and/or send new email
  •  Arrive to the IEP meeting 5-10 minutes BEFORE the other committee members to organize the room, organize your papers, and be ready with a smile to start the day and the meeting
  • After the IEP meeting – return to your desk and close out the IEP - if you don’t have another meeting to attend immediately.
  • Since all the meetings for the day are ready then begin working in eSped on the IEP meetings for tomorrow and the next day and the next week. Always work ahead so you can stay caught up.
  • Your goal for the end of the day is to have your IEP meetings (held during the day) archived and ready for your clerk to make copies. The maximum allowed time between IEP meeting and the Archiving of the documents is 24 hours. Ensure that any supplemental appendages and audio recordings are uploaded into esped within 24 hours as well. Your second goal is to have your IEP documents for tomorrow’s meeting prepped and ready to print for the next day’s meetings.
District Responsibilities
  • Keep the campus coordinator abreast of any campus issues that arise.
  • Communicate the need for a campus coordinator at a staffing or IEP meeting at least one week in advance.
IEP Meeting Guidelines:
  • Ask your clerk to send a reminder to the requested IEP meeting invitees first thing in the morning upon arrival for today’s meetings
  • Set a timeline for the meeting and try to stick to it – always adjusting to be sure to accommodate the present needs but holding the time in check - don’t let it get away from you!
  • Organize your papers before the meeting and have them in the order that you will need them during the meeting
  • Organize the meeting before you attend it – Create your agenda and follow it each and every time you chair a meeting – committee members will come to understand the agenda and know what to expect – you can ensure everything will be addressed as needed – keep your eye on the clock
  • Stay in control – if you are chairing the meeting then you will guide the meeting along – bring people back on topic when needed (keep tangents short) – look at the parent as you talk (ARD/IEP Meeting Agenda)
  • Before the meeting you can highlight the signature lines and/or check boxes that the parent needs to complete which makes it easier for them
Weekly To Do

District Responsibilities
  • Archive all IEP meetings within 24 hours and submit to admin within 5 days.
(Note: All IEP documentation must be finalized in eSped at the conclusion of the IEP meeting)

Campus Responsibilities
  • Provide a completed copy of a student’s Full & Individual Evaluation to the special education teacher two weeks prior to the scheduled
  • Provide  case managers an ARD/IEP preparation form  to use to prepare for ARD/IEP meetings and collect 5 days before the meeting
  • Coordinate with Diag/SLP clerk to ensure that ARD/IEP meetings are set up in a timely manner, IEP copies are made and distributed to teachers, parents and filed in the diagnostician folder
  • Ensure every IEP meeting is archived and made ACTIVE for the current week
  • Ensure IEP for each meeting held during the week has been provided to parents, teachers, state file, diag file
  • Complete any corrections needed as requested by the PEIMS clerk before the end of each week
  • Look at next week’s schedule of IEP meetings and begin prepping in eSped
  • Schedule on your Google calendar when and how long you will be testing for each student that is coming due
  • Schedule report writing on your Google calendar and block this time out
  • Plan a small block of time when you can transport the weekly IEP documents to the records room and perform admin errands during that time

Monthly To Do
District Responsibilities
  • Complete and submit assessment logs by campus
  • Touch base with off-campus personnel that are conducting assessment (for next month due date) to discuss assessment and ensure assessment will be completed within timeline
Campus Responsibilities
  • Always plan and work one month ahead
  • Begin by planning for the IEP meetings in the next month
  • Move up annual IEP meetings by 4 weeks - whenever you can (Don’t move ARD up if FIE is due & you and/or other personnel are also testing) This will help ensure timelines are met, STAAR preparation is completed beforehand, provide more time at EOY to focus on IPI/SSI brief ARD meetings, and other last-minute meetings
  • Outline the annual IEP meetings with projected dates and provide to clerk one month in advance (Try to reserve the month of May for taking care of ESY, IPI, SSI brief IEP meetings and second annual IEP meetings, if needed)
  • Use your Google calendar to schedule all of your meetings/events so you have it at a glance and do not forget – Stick to your schedule as much as possible