September DC/TL Timeline

What We Do
  1. Complete the Special Education Team Roster
  2. Meet with SpEd team at least twice to distribute information from DC/TL meeting and to support team in: maintaining student information, developing draft PLAAFP statements, Goals & Objectives, Accommodations, understanding & completing Form 2, understanding Service Logs, etc.
  3. Develop procedure for maintaining student service logs  
  4. Ensure that the ARD Teacher Input Forms is being distributed to all staff (GenEd & SpEd) at least 3 weeks prior to the ARD/IEP meetings (completion due date is 2 wks prior to the annual ARD meeting). 
  5. Ensure teachers are completing draft PLAAFP, Goals & Objectives, and accommodations at least 5 days prior to the ARD/IEP meeting.
  6. Attend SpEd DC/TL Connection Meeting. 
  7. Secondary DCs: Ensure progress reports for IEP Goals/Objectives have been issued to all students who receive Special Education (End of the 6 week period is Sept. 23).
Items to collect by September 2:
Items to be completed and submitted to Campus Coordinator by September 2, 2016:
Items to be completed and submitted to Campus Coordinator by September 8, 2016:
  1. Submit the Verification of Receipt of Accommodations and Modifications original form with teacher signatures to records room to be filed in the state folder by DC/TL.  Include a roster notating all the students receiving special education on the campus and a check off that the receipt of accommodations is included for each student.
  2. Meet with case managers to receive the monthly analysis of student service log for the month of August (Aug 22-Sept 2), for students who have not received their service minutes a reason must be included and time may need to be made up (depending on the reason).
  3. Submit the monthly analysis to Campus Coordinator (maintain a copy for your records).
  4. Ensure all student service logs are placed with the student's SpEd folder.
Item to be submitted to Campus Coordinator by September 13, 2016:
  1. 15 Day Count
District expectation of completion of above submissions - 100%