2022-2023 September DC/TL Timeline

What We Do

Due by September 8: 

⬜   Complete 15 Day count and reshare with Campus Coordinator before 4:30pm.

Due by September 16: 

⬜   Ensure Secondary IEP Progress reports (dated 9/2/2021) have been archived by September 6 and distributed on September 9, 2021 (Grades 6-12).

⬜   Ensure that all case managers have updated & signed the Verification of Special Education Services Form showing all students' schedules match their schedule of services (for those students who had "No" identified in any of the columns, corrections were to be made, document updated, and submitted).

⬜   Sign the Verification of Special Education Services Form for each Case Manager’s tab signifying:

you are aware of all students current scheduling situations regarding receipt of services 
you are working on solving any issues
communication with parents has taken place regarding specific service concerns 

⬜   Have campus administrator sign the Verification of Special Education Services Form verifying that each student is scheduled to receive their services or that the campus is prepared to provide compensatory services along with a corrective action plan.

Submit or share schedules to campus coordinator and SpEd campus administrator

Verify Progress reports have been archived using the Verification of Completion Form.

Due by September 28: 

Ensure transfer procedures for new students entering the campus are being followed.

Maintain a list of students who have transferred into the campus and their 30 day 

ARD/IEP date. Be sure to discuss each transfer with the appropriate assessment staff 

(Diag/SLP/LSSP) and campus Coordinator (to ensure services are appropriately 

matched).  *Transfer students who started school August 11 must have their 

transfer/30 day Annual ARD. 

⬜  Ensure staffings are scheduled for students (Grades 6 -12) who are failing or not making adequate progress on the IEP goals/objectives.

⬜ For any students identified as needing ESY services please email the Regression Without Recoupment forms and data sheets from the Summer Break that were received from the student's case managers to ESY_SISD@springisd.org.

Every Month: 

⬜  Ensure IEP Progress reports are prepared, distributed, and archived in alignment with district grade reporting periods. PreK/ECSE - Kinder          Grades 1-5         Grades 6-12  -  Cut off date is the progress report date, upload date is the date all service providers should have their progress reports uploaded, verification dates are the dates the care manager archives the information, distribution date is the date to send to the parents. 

Work with the IEP Clerk to ensure IEP Meetings for the following month are scheduled 3 weeks in advance.

Meet with SpEd team at a minimum of two times per month to distribute information from DC/TL/CS meeting and to support the team in: maintaining student information, developing draft PLAAFP statements, Goals & Objectives, Accommodations, understanding, understanding Service Logs, etc.  

Submit Agenda and Sign-In sheet to your Campus Coordinator.

⬜  Sign-up and Attend DC/TL/CS updates/Connections (September 13, 2021).

Compare Campus PEIMS list with Frontline/eSped report to reconcile lists and ensure all students who receive special education services are accounted for and have a Case Manager assigned to them. Report discrepancies to Campus Coordinator.

Ensure that GenEd content or grade level department chairs/team leads are sharing the lesson plans with ECSE, AB, PASS, SILC, Inclusion and Homebound teachers.

When a restraint takes place, be sure that the certified staff member involved in the restraint completes the appropriate forms and notifies administration and parents according to the procedures outlined in the procedures manual: Confinement, Restraint, and Timeout.

Follow Transfer Procedures for all students who enter the district. 

⬜   Ensure staffings are scheduled for students who are not making adequate progress on the IEP goals/objectives.


DC/TL Date Change for October. The new date is October 24, 9am-4pm at the old YMCA Grand Room.

District expectation of completion of above submissions - 100%