2020-2021 January DC/TL/CS Timeline

What We Do

    Due by January 7: 

    ⬜  Verify that Progress Reports, Service/Medicaid Logs, and Parent Contact logs were uploaded/archived & ready for distribution for all students for the marking period ending December 18.

    Due by January 8: 

    ⬜  Remind case managers to use frontline (esped) for all future service provision on the IEP Support and Services Log. 

    ⬜ Batch print to ensure progress reports are sent home (with report cards) for each student receiving Special Education. 

    Due by January 12: 

    ⬜  Attend monthly DC/TL Connection Meeting.

    Due by January 14: 

    ⬜  Complete Monthly Count for January with required signatures. 

    Due by January 28:

    ⬜  Submit your dated Agenda and Sign-In sheet to your Campus Coordinator as documentation of your campus-based meeting indicating that you have distributed the information from the December and January DC/TL updates/Connections.

    Due by January 29:

    ⬜  Ensure all case managers updated & signed the  Verification of Special Education Services Form  showing all students' schedules match their schedule of services.

    Collect Secondary Teacher and Paraprofessional Schedules

    ⬜ Inter office mail the Special Education Campus Sign-In sheets to Diana Espinosa (for many campuses, this is found on the red clipboard in the front office).

    Ongoing, Due by end of Month

    ⬜  Meet with SpEd case managers to review Verification of Services and discuss any students who did not receive their services during the month of December.  Maintain a running record of this information and share with administration if a pattern of concerning behavior is identified through the data.

    ⬜  Make sure any restraint forms are completed and submitted by the certified staff member involved according to the procedures outlined in the procedures manual**: Confinement, Restraint, and Timeout.

    ⬜  Review each student’s days of out of educational placement for OSS, ISS and time away from direct educational instruction in the area of an IEP, and ensure an MDR for those that require it. (10 days and every time after 10) 

    ⬜  Review ARDs Due and ARDs Past Due reports to ensure that all ARDs are scheduled and archived, and email sent to PEIMS Clerk- Wanda Concha to pull PEIMS  if needed. 

    ⬜  Ensure that all 30 day Transfer ARDs take place within the 30-day timeline.

    ⬜  Confirm all transfer agreements have been archived and email the student’s name, date of document, student’s ID number and statement indicating what occurred to the IEP clerk District SpEd Office (Wanda Concha).

    ⬜  Assign Case Manager for all new students. Selections should be determined based on the program the student is involved in, classes where the teacher is assigned to support, extracurricular activities for those students receiving Monitoring Through Support Facilitation

    ⬜ Ensure all withdrawn students are entered on the Change in Student ESPED Status Form

    ⬜  Provide any updated teacher schedules to the Campus Coordinator as schedules are adjusted.

    ⬜  Meet with Special Education Coordinator to provide Department Information


    Due February 5:

    ⬜  Ensure all testing accommodations are noted and supplemental aids are prepared for students taking the district Benchmarks.

    Submit teacher and paraprofessional schedules to Campus Coordinator