2019-2020 October DC/TL/CS Timeline

What We Do
  1. Complete the Monthly Special Education Roster/SHARS Documentation google doc - follow instructions outlined in the Monthly Medicaid Roster procedures - Due October 5
  2. Complete and submit Revised Monthly Count information to campus coordinator - Due October 11
  3. Archive all transfer agreements and notify the IEP clerk to ensure documents are sent to District SpEd Office (Wanda Concha).
  4. Replace the ARD/IEP Meeting Agenda to provide the QR code for parents to complete a survey of the ARD meeting.  Be sure to encourage parents to participate.
  5. Ensure SpEd teachers are collaborating with GenEd teachers to complete the Form 2 - Student Services Planning Document prior to participating in the annual ARD/IEP meeting. 
  6. When a restraint takes place, be sure that the certified staff member involved in the restraint completes the appropriate forms and notifies administration and parents according to the procedures outlined in the procedures manual: Confinement, Restraint, and Timeout.
  7. Monitor the use of the Parent Communication Log when initial contact has been made with parents (identify those teachers who have not completed at least 2 entries and discuss the need for communicating with parents & completing the log that will go into the students state folder).
  8. Review PEIMS report and eSped Report for all students on the campus and report all discrepancies by October 18 to Campus Coordinator. 
  9. Meet with Special Education team by October 11 to relay information from the DC/TL meeting & Assessment/Accommodations (Agenda and Sign-in sheets will be collected by the Campus Coordinator).
  10. Follow Transfer Procedures for all students who enter the district. Be sure to archive the transfer agreements and notify the IEP Clerk so she can print and send to the district office SEMS Clerk (Wanda Concha).
  11. Have parents complete the Parent Satisfaction Survey at the conclusion of every ARD/IEP meeting.
Completed and electronically sign (both DC/TL and Principal) on or before October 11:
  1. Monthly Count 

Due to SpEd Manager Secretary, Diana Espinosa on October 31:
  • Special Education Campus Sign-In sheets (for many campuses, this is found on the red clipboard in the front office).