2019-2020 April DC/TL/CS Timeline

What We Do
    1. Determine Case Manager for all students to ensure equity in the number of students to support for staff (keep students receiving mainstream instruction spread between Inclusion, SILC, PASS, AB teachers). During school closure, the case manager will support the students they are assigned to case manage (this includes academic, behavioral, and social services/supports).
    2. Provide special education updates to teachers and administrators.
    3. Maintain documentation of meetings that you are having with your staff and provide copies of agenda and participants to Coordinators (or share the google docs with Coordinators).
    4. Complete the Monthly Special Education Roster/SHARS Documentation google doc - follow instructions outlined in the Monthly Medicaid Roster procedures - Due April 5.
    5. Middle & High School Department Chairs, submit Promotional Staffing schedules (dates and times that you are meeting with each sending campus) for incoming 6th and 9th graders to your campus coordinator by April 13.
    6. Update April Revised Monthly Count by April 10.
    7. Ensure SpEd Case Managers have been added as administrators to teacher courses (as needed) and that they are collaborating with GenEd teachers during PLCs.
    8. Meet with Special Education team and administration to review recommendations being made to parents regarding interim service provisions. 
    9. Ensure SpEd teachers are documenting parent/student contact using the Parent Communication Log.
    10. Ensure SpEd teachers are documenting all services and attempted services using MSB xLogs.
    11. Ensure SpEd teachers are documenting the provision of accommodations using the Accommodations Log or MSB xLogs.
    12. Provide Director of SpEd with special parent situations that need to be considered with execution of instruction (needs for spanish, braille translations, transportation issues to get to the school for pick up of materials, etc).
    Due to Medicaid Specialist (SHARS@springisd.orgon or before April 5 & 10: 
    1. April Medicaid completed (with signatures) - google LINK 
    2. Monthly Count 

    Due to Campus Coordinator on or before April 15:

    • Promotional Staffing schedule including all elementary or middle school visits taking place between April 20-May 15.
    Due April 24
    • Updated and archived IEP progress reports for Secondary students (February 24 - April 17) - updates will need data. 
    Unacceptable responses: "in progress" or "minimal progress"
    Acceptable responses: 4 out of 5 opportunities, attends to task for 15 minutes, 80% accuracy

    Due May 1:
    • Discussions around ARDs for grade placement considerations

    Due to Campus Coordinators prior to May 11: