2018-2019 December DC/TL/CS Timeline

What We Do
  1. Determine Case Manager for all new students entering the campus. Selections should be determined based on program the student is involved in, classes where the teacher is assigned to support, extracurricular activities for those students receiving monitoring through Support Facilitation
  2. Provide any updated teacher schedules to the Campus Coordinator as schedules are adjusted.
  3. Ensure all students taking the STAAR EOC retest or district Benchmarks are provided with their testing accommodations.
  4. Meet with SpEd Case Managers to discuss any students who they believe are not getting their IEP services (based on data).  Monitor students receiving their services and let administration know if there is a problem with a student receiving their services.  
  5. Complete the Monthly Special Education Roster/SHARS Documentation google doc - follow instructions outlined in the Monthly Medicaid Roster procedures submit to shars@springisd.org or before December 5.
  6. Complete and submit Revised Monthly Count information to campus coordinator by December 13 (put the actual day the count was taken in the blank).
  7. Ensure SpEd teachers are collaborating with GenEd teachers to complete the Form 2 - Student Services Planning Document prior to participating in the annual ARD/IEP meeting.
  8. When a restraint takes place, be sure that the certified staff member involved in the restraint completes the appropriate forms and notifies administration and parents according to the procedures outlined in the procedures manual**: Confinement, Restraint, and Timeout.
  9. Meet with Special Education team to relay information from the November DC/TL meeting on or before December 11.
  10. Attend the monthly DC/TL Professional Development Connection on December 11.
Due to Medicaid Specialist (shars@springisd.orgon or before December 5
  • Updated teacher/para google doc printed with signatures for medicaid services
Due to Campus Coordinator on or before December 8:
Due to Campus Coordinator prior to or on December 11:
  • Agenda and Sign-In sheet from Campus SpEd team meeting where November DC/TL Connection meeting information was distributed
Due to Special Education Director's Secretary on December 19:
  • Special Education Campus Sign-In sheets (for many campuses, this is found on the red clipboard).
Due to Campus Coordinators prior to January 10:
District expectation of completion of above submissions - 100%