2018-2019 August DC/TL/CS Timeline

What We Do
  1. Update the Monthly Special Education Roster/SHARS Documentation google doc for August 2018-2019- follow instructions outlined in the Monthly Medicaid Roster procedures - Due August 7
  2. Complete transfer agreement (with Diagnostician) for all new students who have registered over the summer/August who receive Special Education (meet with the campus Registrar).
  3. Develop Case Manager lists matching SpEd teachers with students that they instruct/see during the day prior to August 14.  All Department Chairs and Team Leads should have a case manage group.
  4. Distribute Case Manager lists to Special Education teachers prior to August 15 to allow time for case managers to send IEP paperwork through eStar.
  5. Distribute Case Manager lists to Administrators and Counselors. 
  6. Compare Campus PEIMS list with eStar SpEd report to ensure all students who receive Special Education are accounted for and have a Case Manager assigned to them.
  7. Have teachers sign-out district provided equipment (including but not limited to: chromebooks, radios, TI calculators) using the Equipment Sign Out Form
  8. Assist Case Managers with accessing student information through Eduphoria & eSchool by request access for them (submit request to campus admin).
  9. Check eSped to ensure case managers have updated themselves as the case manager in eSped for the students who they are assigned to case manage for the 2018-2019 school year.
  10. Check in with Diagnostician clerk to get a list of all annual IEP meetings for the year & distribute to case managers
  11. Support the campus in distribution and explanation of STEP binders.
  12. Ensure all Case Managers have electronically sent their IEP documents to all GenEd and SpEd teachers (who provide instruction to the student). An export file showing that each student's teachers has signed for the documents should be printed and submitted with the Beginning of the Year (BOY) spreadsheet due by August 31.   
  13. Touch base with parents who have shown interest in having close communication with the campus to answer any questions that they may have for the new year.
  14. Ensure that GenEd content or grade level department chairs/team leads are sharing the lesson plans through forethought with AB, SILC, and SpEd Inclusion teachers. 
  15. Begin collecting student/program numbers to complete 15 Day count **Completed by September 6 - Submitted to Coordinator by September 7**
Complete by August 7
SHARS Roster of teachers and paraprofessionals on the campus

Forms to be submitted by August 17:
Provide Oversight: 
  • Paraprofessional completion of online Safe Schools training between August 14 - August 31: 
    1. Assisting & Supporting Instruction, 
    2. Behavior Management Basics, 
    3. Roles & Responsibilities  
Forms to be submitted by August 31 to Campus Coordinator: 
  • Campus Case Manager list ensuring every student from the PEIMS report has a Case Manager (list the Speech only students as the Case Manager for Speech only students 
  • Beginning of the Year (BOY) spreadsheet from each Case Manager 
September Expectations:
  • 15 Day count **Completed and submitted on September 5**
  • Monitor Completion of 2 Communication Log entries for each student showing that the Case Manager has communicated with parent/guardians.
  • Collection of all Monthly Analysis of Student Service Logs and all Student Service Logs for August 15-September 14 (to submit to Campus Coordinator by September 21)