Department Chair (DC) / Team Leader (TL)

What We Do

The Special Education Department Chair/Team Leader/Compliance Facilitator works with Campus Administrators, teachers, paraprofessionals and district Special Education staff to ensure campus Special Education practices are aligned with state regulations, district policies and procedures by:

1. Providing instructional leadership within the Special Education department:
  • Assists the building principal in planning and scheduling special education staff development for campus staff.
  • Works with building principal in interviewing and hiring new special education staff members when requested.
  • Works cooperatively with Principal/designee and SpEd Campus Coordinator to prepare departmental assignments (case management)  and schedules.
  • Collaborates with school administration regarding the development of the master schedule to ensure all IEP services are provided.  
  • Recommends assignment of teachers so as to utilize their instructional strengths to strengthen the school's special education program.
  • Serves as mentor and coach to new special education team members.
  • Ensures all timelines are met by campus Special Education Case Managers, teachers, and paraprofessionals.
  • Assists instructional staff with implementing Specially Designed Instruction as outlined in the students IEP.
  • Assists general education staff in understanding, accommodating, and working effectively with students with disabilities.
  • Assists campus staff with implementation of accommodations, supplemental aides, and modifications as outlined in the student's IEP.
  • Ensures the development of Intensive Programs of Instruction are documented in the students Individualized Education Plan (IEP) for every area that the student did not meet standard on STAAR/STAAR Alt 2. 
  • Assists campus staff in development and implementation of interventions for students as outlined in the students IPI.
  • Monitors and responds to Special Education data by assisting in the development of "next steps" to support student achievement. 
  • Ensures that all special education teachers know how to appropriately meet the needs of students with disabilities.
  • Assists GenEd and SpEd staff in providing an appropriate education program and environment for students with disabilities.
  • Models quality instructional and behavior management techniques.
  • Serves on the campus behavioral support core team.
  • Meets with special education teachers monthly to receive student updates and data on student progress and services provided.
2. Supporting ARD/IEP meetings for students who receive Special Education services:
  • Ensures Special Education teachers have met timelines when drafting documents for the ARD/IEP meeting.
  • Oversees maintenance of and access to student files and folders.
  • Provides support to case managers as they monitor student progress by ensuring they have appropriate access to eSchool, eSped, eLearn, and Eduphoria for students they teach and case manage.
  • Monitor implementation of Case Management (including analysis of documentation of services, progress monitoring, and implementation of district aligned service programming).
  • Assists with staffings to problem solve situations and to determine if additional ARD/IEP meetings are needed over the span of the student's IEP year.
  • Oversees the distribution of appropriate paperwork (including accommodations, and deliberations) to all teachers (both GenEd & SpEd).
  • Promotes collaboration between GenEd and SpEd staff to ensure fidelity of program designed in the student's IEP. 
  • Coordinates services and transition with feeder schools.
  • Completes Transfer Agreements for new students entering the district.
3. Serving as liaison between district SpEd leadership, campus administration, and campus SpEd team members:
  • Attends monthly DC/TL Connection meetings and relays information to the campus special education team (and administrators as necessary).
  • Conducts department/team meetings at least twice/month; prepares agenda, guides and facilitates discussion and publishes minutes.
  • Assists Special Education Coordinators in arranging and conducting campus level special services team meetings when needed.
  • Follows through on district SpEd Leadership recommendations and requests.
  • Serves as liaison between campus diagnostician and other service providers.
  • Serves as liaison between special and general education teachers and staff.
  • Schedules and Meets with Campus Coordinator at least once every two months to discuss campus needs, student performance, teacher support, and to problem solve any challenges/questions that need additional support  
4. Promoting professional behavior through own behavior and leadership:
  • Responds to stressful situations maintaining professionalism and discretion.
  • Maintains confidentiality.
  • Encourages and supports research and development
  • Facilitates the sharing of ideas among team members.
  • Accepts input from team members and others.
  • Provides leadership through own professional development and provision of professional development to department staff.
  • Monitor Special Education staff attendance daily & plan for ARD substitutions (as needed) as well as distribute an absentee list to diagnosticians
  • Maintain records of absences to monitor attendance and discuss with administration when excessive absences are compromising students receiving services

Beginning of the the Year Expectations

  • Meet all deadlines outlined in the DC/TL Timeline
  • Develop/distribute Case Management list to Special Education Teachers
  • Submit requests to give special education teachers access to eSchool, eSped, and Eduphoria  (for students they teach & case manage)
  • Ensure teachers (who have not attended Summer Institutes) sign up to attend SBIEP training and ARD/IEP eStar Training
  • Ensure all teachers can access eLearn for the subjects/grade levels they need
  • Review & discuss with team your expectations surrounding the case manager timeline
  • Ensure case management binders are being developed
  • Hold a beginning of the year meeting with the team to discuss monthly action items and campus expectations
  • Develop/distribute campus SpEd teacher roster to campus coordinator
  • Begin to look at SpEd student data in Eduphoria
  • Schedule regular meetings with your Campus SpEd Coordinator (individual and Department)
  • Maintain accurate student numbers by program for 15 day count submission (submit to Campus Coordinator by Wednesday September 5th).
  • Discuss, encourage, and monitor teacher attendance at connection meetings
  • Ensure teacher attendance/participation at content or grade level PLCs
  • Put all DC/TL meetings on your calendar