Clerk - Diag/SLP Roles and Responsibilites

What We Do

  • Schedule ARD/IEP meetings for diagnosticians, ARD facilitators, and speech language pathologist within timelines
o    ARD/IEP meetings should be scheduled within 3-4 weeks prior to the ARD/IEP due date
  • Prepare ARD/IEP notices accurately and ensure the required staff members are included on the notice and in attendance at the ARD/IEP meeting
  • Send ARD/IEP notices to parent/caregiver(s) via the student, parent email, and/or postal service within the required timelines
  • Schedule staffings for assessment personnel to review assessment and discuss programming prior to an ARD/IEP meeting as directed by diagnostician, speech language pathologist, and other assessment staff.
  • Ensure ARD/IEP meetings and/or staffings are posted to committee members’ calendars
  • Prepare ARD/IEP folders for diagnosticians and speech language pathologist
o Notice of ARD/IEP Meeting
o Copy of invitation sent electronically
o eSchool Student Data Sheet
o Updated Record of Contact Attempts for the ARD/IEP meeting
o Copy of Procedural Safeguards and Receipt of Procedural Safeguards
o If applicable, Annual Notification of SHARS
  • Make copies of the ARD/IEP Meeting for pertinent members of the committee (i.e. parent, diagnostician, speech language pathologist, and special education teacher)
  • Organize diagnostician and speech language pathologist folders to meet district requirements
  • Make copies of speech therapy materials and progress reports for speech language pathologists
  • Request pulp bins to be disposed of appropriately
  • Maintain confidentiality of student records and information


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