2016-2017 August Case Management Timeline

What We Do
  1. Get Case Manage list from DC/TL
  2. Look up each student in eSped to identify which students you do not have access to in Eduphoria & eSchool and create a list for your DC/TL to request access for you with District Office.
  3. Change case manager name in eSped for students who you are assigned to case manage for the 2016-2017 school year.
  4. Print data collection sheets (how to guide) from eSped to begin collecting data on student goal accomplishments.
  5. Verify that students are receiving their special education services by checking the student's schedule to ensure it matches the student's Schedule of Services page in the IEP and that the master schedule shows that a teacher is assigned to the class to provide the services.  (Verification of Services Form)  **Due by August 31**
  6.  Check dates for annual ARD and create a spreadsheet for yourself to be aware of when each student’s paperwork will need to be complete.
  7. Create your confidential Special Education binder (including, but not limited to: student roster, copy of BOY Spreadsheet, individual student summary, student schedule, receipt of accommodations/modifications, conference log, report card/progress report, IEP goals & objectives progress monitoring form, student work samples supporting progress on goals & objectives, attendance/discipline records).
  8. Send a letter home to parents (Spanish versionintroducing yourself, your background and what your role is in ensuring that their child is receiving the services outlined in the students IEP (document date sent home & how letter was sent).  Include in the letter the last annual ARD date and that the next annual ARD will take place on or before that date.  This letter may also include any upcoming important dates for the next month, semester, or year. 
  9. Introduce yourself to GenEd teachers as the student’s case manager.  Distribute and explain IEP paperwork to all teachers who are working with the student this year (General Ed & Special Ed).  
  10. Distribute ARD paperwork (PLAAFP, Goals & Objectives, BIPs, Autism Supplements, Accommodations/Modifications, Deliberations) and secure signatures from all teachers (GenEd and SpEd) who will be teaching the student (using the Verification of Receipt of Accommodations and Modifications form).  The signature verifies that they understand what the student needs based on the ARD Committee decisions.  GenEd teachers responsible for maintaining STEP binders should include these documents in their binders. 
  11. Communicate with parents: introduce yourself as case manager (explain as needed), provide information regarding meet the teacher night and encourage them to come (plan to send home information from meet the teacher night for those parents who don't attend), include information on any scheduled beginning of the year assessments that are taking place in August and September (BOY Circle Screener, DRA, iStation, Universal Math Screener) and let parents know that the screeners are to get baseline data which helps teachers to know where to begin instruction.
  12. Communicate with students that any beginning of the year assessments (iStation, Universal Math Screener, DRA, etc) are used to find out what the student knows and is able to do and to help teachers to know where and how to begin instruction. 
  13. Create your plan for ensuring the students are progressing in their goals/objectives, collecting data on use of & need for specific accommodations/modifications & how/if they assist the student in accessing the general curriculum (this will help to determine if/when IEP meetings need to be held to make adjustments to the students’ accommodations, etc.
  14. Introduce yourself to the students you case manage (this should be done discretely & completed before September 2, 2016).
Document Due to DC/TL by August 31:
Begin working on the beginning of the year spreadsheet - due September 2 to Department Chair/Team Leader:
  1. A list of all students who you case manage
  2. The date of initial conversation with parents
  3.  if the students schedule allows for the services outlines in the student’s IEP or an X if they do not, 
  4. A + notating that all teachers have received the student's IEP information 
  5. Any comments that need to be made or next steps that need to be taken to ensure student's are receiving their services
District expectation of completion of above submissions to DC/TL by September 2, 2016 - 100%