2020-2021 September Case Manager Timeline

What We Do

Due by September 4:

    Updated & sign Verification of Special Education Services Form  showing all students' schedules match their schedule of             services (for those students who had "No" identified in any of the columns, corrections are to be made, document updated,             and submitted to DC/TL)    

    Update Parent Contact Log in Frontline/eSped documenting the date that the parent letter was sent home and the initial              verbal communication to parents – District expectation is that 100% of parents have been communicated with and know who              their child's case manager is before mid-September.

        Review grades, discipline, and attendance for each student on your caseload. Review data collection sheets to determine              student progress. 

Due by September 17:

Items to be completed and submitted to DC/TL/CS  

Complete Schedule template for teacher and paraprofessionals by replacing all red areas with specific information &             including all students being served in the designated columns

Ensure students and teachers know how to reach you if they need you outside of the course you are instructing.  

Due by September 25:

Secondary: Update each IEP goal with objectives for the students you case manage for the 1st reporting period ending Sept             25, 2020. Archive the report in the 2020-2021 Progress Reports folder in Frontline/eSped.

  • Acceptable progress reporting: 4 out of 5 opportunities, attends to task for 15 minutes, 80% accuracy 
  • Unacceptable progress reporting: "in progress" or "minimal progress"  
Secondary: Archive service logs, Parent Contact Log and IEP progress reports in  Frontline/eSped Services Logs.

Every Month:

Attend PLC(s) and Monthly Connection Meeting(s) 

Check with Special Education and General Education teachers who instruct your students to monitor their progress and see if             there are any concerns/questions. Use the Staffing/Conversation Notes Form to maintain documentation.

Ensure S.T.E.P. Binders have current student IEP information in them and are being maintained by the general education                    teacher (for all STAAR/EOC tested areas). 

Communicate with parents, and update Parent Contact Log in Frontline/eSped on strengths that you have seen in their child             up to this point. Discuss the most recent Checkpoint/Benchmark data with the parents, student performance, and next steps             with regards to instruction. 

Continuously review the Verification of Services to make sure student services match their Schedule of Services and they are             receiving the full minutes of support as outlined in the IEP. 

Document all Special Education ARD/IEP services provided daily.

     Ensure all services were logged for the previous month in the Frontline/eSped Service Logs, discuss any concerns with                     individuals receiving their IEP services/supports with the DC/TL/CS noting if they are recurring concerns that need                             administrative assistance. 
     Prepare IEP paperwork
    Communicate with the IEP Clerk for IEP due dates
Use the draft IEP that has been opened by the IEP Clerk to begin inputting information into the annual IEP being                      prepared (3 wks before ARD). 
              Collect the Documentation of Accommodations form from Frontline/eSped from the GenEd and Sped teachers to                                 report the effectiveness of the accommodations in the IEP.
              Distribute and retrieve Teacher Input Forms for all students whose annual IEP meeting is in January/February                                    (due date – 2 wks before ARD). 
              Provide and discuss draft PLAAFP, Goals/Objectives, and Accommodations to parents 5 days before the IEP                                       meeting. 
              Ask parents to complete the Parent Satisfaction Survey at the end of each IEP meeting.

District expectation of completion of above submissions - 100%