2020-2021 October Case Manager Timeline

What We Do

Due by October 12:

Ensure that student work samples have been filed in S.T.E.P binders (virtual) maintained by GenEd teachers. 

Ensure that a minimum of four parent contacts has been documented on the Parent Contact Log in Frontline/eSped

Due by October 23:

Ensure all annual and transfer ARD/IEP meetings are scheduled, held, and archived.

Elementary: Update each IEP goal with objectives for the students you case manage for the 1st reporting period ending

        Oct 23, 2020. Archive the report in the 2020-2021 Progress Progress Reports folder in Frontline/eSped.

Acceptable progress reporting: 4 out of 5 opportunities, attends to task for 15 minutes, 80% accuracy 

Unacceptable progress reporting: "in progress" or "minimal progress"  

⬜      Elementary: Archive service logs, Parent Contact Log and IEP progress reports in  Frontline/eSped.

Due by October 30:

⬜     Complete and submit  the COVID-19 Compensatory Time Response Service form for every student and submit to                 DC/TL.

Every Month:

⬜   Attend PLC(s) and Monthly Connection Meeting(s) 

⬜   Ensure that ARDs & FIE/Reevaluations due for the month are scheduled, held, and archived within timeline (within one

year of the current ARD date).

⬜   Check with Special Education and General Education teachers who instruct your students to monitor their progress and

see if there are any concerns/questions. Use the Staffing/Conversation Notes Form to maintain documentation.

⬜   Ensure S.T.E.P. Binders have current student IEP information in them and are being maintained by the general education

teacher (for all STAAR/EOC tested areas). 

⬜   Communicate with parents, and update Parent Contact Log in Frontline/eSped on strengths that you have seen in their

child up to this point. Discuss the most recent Checkpoint/Benchmark data with the parents, student performance, and

next steps with regards to instruction. 

⬜   Continuously review the Verification of Services to make sure student services match their Schedule of Services and they

are receiving the full minutes of support as outlined in the IEP. 

⬜   Document all Special Education ARD/IEP services provided daily.

⬜   Ensure all services were logged for the previous month in the Frontline/eSped Service Logs, discuss any concerns with

individuals receiving their IEP services/supports with the DC/TL/CS noting if they are recurring concerns that need

administrative assistance. 

⬜      Prepare IEP paperwork

         ⬜      Communicate with the IEP Clerk for annual an transfer ARD/IEP due dates

         ⬜      Use the draft IEP that has been opened by the IEP Clerk to begin inputting information into the annual IEP being

    prepared (3 wks before ARD). 

         ⬜      Collect the Documentation of Accommodations form from Frontline/eSped from the GenEd and Sped teachers to

                 report the effectiveness of the accommodations in the IEP.

         ⬜       Distribute and retrieve Teacher Input Forms for all students whose annual IEP meeting is in January/February

                   (due date – 2 wks before ARD). 

         ⬜      Provide and discuss draft PLAAFP, Goals/Objectives, and Accommodations to parents 5 days before the IEP


         ⬜    Ask parents to complete the Parent Satisfaction Survey at the end of each IEP meeting.

District expectation of completion of above submissions - 100%