2020-2021 January Case Manager Timeline

What's Required

Due by January 5:

    ⬜  Elementary & Secondary: Monitor student progress to determine if a Failure ARD or Attendance ARD needs to take place

         based on student performance/attendance for the 3rd consecutive progress reporting period Dec 18, 2020. 

Due by January 8:

    ⬜  All service log entries begin in eSped - begin documenting all service provision in Frontline (esped) 

          *Utilize the Medicaid logs for students with ARD'd Personal Care Supplements (PCS). Indicate if the service is billable or non

     -billable on the Medicaid log. If the student has a Medicaid log, do not duplicate the services on the IEP supports and

       services log

    ⬜  Elementary & Secondary: Update each IEP goal with objectives for the students you case manage for the 2nd reporting                  period for Elementary and the 3rd reporting period for Secondary with the report date of January 8, 2021. 

Update progress on IEP Goals using the progress date of December 18. Archive the report in the 2020-2021 Progress Reports folder in Frontline. Acceptable progress reporting: 4 out of 5 opportunities, attends to task for 15 minutes, 80% accuracy Unacceptable progress reporting: "in progress" or "minimal progress" 

Archive and print/review updated progress reports by January 6.

Distribute the Report of Student’s Progress toward IEP Goals/Objectives for each student who you case manage along with Report Card (if applicable). January 8  Progress Reports must be sent home to ensure parents/guardians are aware of student progress toward mastery of goals. Update using specific data aligned to the written goal/objectives. 

    ⬜ File student work samples, Goals/Objectives data, and accommodation data for December in your electronic confidential                  folder located in Schoology. 

Due by January 29:

            ⬜  Frontline/eSped: Electronically send the GenEd teacher bundle (document share) to all general education, special                              education, and homebound teachers who are new to instructing the students you case manage. Review each student’s                     signed record and speak with those teachers who have not signed for the paperwork.

    Case Managers must scan and upload all paper logs and spreadsheets that document services provided between                     August - October 2020. 

    ⬜ Sign Completed Verification of Special Education Services Form showing all students are scheduled to receive their             IEP service. Verify that the student's schedule matches the student's Schedule of Services page in the IEP and that the          master schedule shows that a teacher is assigned to the class to provide the services.

Complete Schedule template and submit to DC, TL, and/or CS

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Every Month:

⬜   Attend monthly Connection Meeting(s). 

⬜   Ensure that ARDs & FIE/Reevaluations due for the month are scheduled, held, and archived within the timeline (within one year of the current ARD date).

⬜   Check with Special Education and General Education teachers who instruct your students to monitor their progress and see if there are any concerns/questions. Use the Staffing/Conversation Notes Form to maintain documentation.

⬜   Ensure all withdrawn students are entered on the Change in Student ESPED Status Form

⬜   Begin/continue data collection for students to determine considerations for Extended School Year (ESY) services 

⬜   Ensure the general education teachers (for STAAR/EOC tested areas and CTE) of students on your caseload have the current IEP information needed to develop and maintain their  S.T.E.P. Binders (In Schoology)

⬜   Continue to communicate with parents at least two times/month, and update Parent Contact log in Frontline eSped

⬜   Discuss strengths that you have seen in their child up to this point

⬜   Review the most recent Checkpoint/Benchmark data with the parents, student performance, and next steps with regards to instruction. 

⬜   Continuously review the Verification of Services to make sure student services match their Schedule of Services and they are receiving the full minutes of support as outlined in the IEP.

⬜   Ensure all services were logged for the previous month in the Frontline Services Logs, discuss any concerns with individuals receiving their IEP services/supports with the DC/TL/CS noting if they are recurring concerns that need administrative assistance. 

⬜   Prepare IEP paperwork. 

⬜   Communicate with the IEP Clerk for IEP due dates

⬜   Use the draft IEP that has been opened by the IEP Clerk to begin inputting

       information into the annual IEP being prepared (3 wks before ARD). 

⬜   Collect the Documentation of Accommodations form from Frontline from the GenEd

       and Sped teachers to report the effectiveness of the accommodations in the IEP.

⬜   Distribute and retrieve Teacher Input Forms for all students whose annual IEP

       meeting is in January/February (due date – 2 wks before ARD). 

⬜   Provide draft PLAAFP, Goals/Objectives, and Accommodations to parents 5 days

       before the IEP meeting. 

⬜   Ask parents to complete the Parent Satisfaction Survey at the end of each IEP


Due by February 3:

                     ⬜  Ensure all testing accommodations are noted and supplemental aids are prepared for students taking the district                              Benchmarks.

Due by February 8: 

⬜  Ensure that student work samples have been filed in STEP binders maintained by GenEd teachers. 

⬜  Ensure that at least one parent contact has been documented on the Parent Contact. 

District expectation of completion of above submissions - 100%