2020-2021 August Case Manager Timeline

What We Do

Due by August 12:

   ⬜ Participate in Case Manager 101. Recording link for Case Managers beginning after August 12.

Obtain a list of students that you case manage from DC/TL.

Claim the students in Frontline/eSped who you case manage by changing the case manager’s name to yours.

Due by August 17:

Begin entering services into students’ Frontline/eSped Services Logs as soon as you start providing services.

Create Student Roster with required information.  Submit Roster to DC/TL.

Due by August 24:

Introduce yourself to GenEd and homebound teachers as the student’s case manager.  Explain the IEP paperwork (and the                unique needs of the student) to the teachers who are working with the student this year. Make sure that the teachers know                 how to retrieve (and digitally sign) the IEP documents in Frontline/eSped.

Frontline/eSped: Electronically send the GenEd teacher bundle (document share) to all general education, special education,             and homebound teachers who instruct the students you case manage. Review each student’s signed record and speak with             those teachers who have not signed for the paperwork.

Signed Completed Verification of Special Education Services Form showing all students are scheduled to receive their IEP             service. Verify that the student's schedule matches the student's Schedule of Services page in the IEP and that the                            master schedule shows that a teacher is assigned to the class to provide the services.

Introduce yourself to the students you case manage 

Send Letter home to parents (Spanish Version) may use email or other virtual means) introducing yourself, your background,             and what your role is in ensuring that their child is receiving the services outlined in the student’s IEP (document date sent                home & how letter was sent). Include in the letter the last annual ARD date and that the next annual ARD will take place on                or before that date. This letter may also include any upcoming important dates for the next month, semester, or year.  Please             include letters to any students receiving homebound services as well.

Communicate with parents: introduce yourself as the case manager (explain as needed), provide information regarding meet             the teacher night and encourage them to come (plan to send home information from meet the teacher night for those parents             who don't attend), include information on any scheduled beginning of the year assessments that are taking place in August                and September (BOY Circle Screener, DRA, MAP) and let parents know that the screeners are used to get baseline data                    which helps teachers to know student strengths and weaknesses to determine where to begin instruction.

Verify that all teachers have signed for each student's IEP documents through Frontline eSped and print the signature log to             submit with the BOY Spreadsheet. GenEd teachers are responsible for maintaining STEP binders and should include these                documents in their binders. 

    • Begin collecting data in Frontline eSped on student goals and objectives. (how to guide) 
    • Check dates for annual ARD and create a spreadsheet for yourself to be aware of when each student’s paperwork will need to be complete.
Create your virtual confidential Special Education binder in Schoology (including, but not limited to: ARD or teacher bundle, student schedule,              conference log, report card/progress report, IEP goals & objectives progress monitoring form, student work samples supporting progress on                 goals & objectives, data collection sheets, attendance/discipline records)(how to video)

Due by September 4:

Update and sign
Verification of Special Education Services Form  showing all students' schedules match their schedule of                 services (for those students who had "No" identified in any of the columns, corrections are to be made, document updated,                and submitted to DC/TL)    

Parent Contact Log in Frontline eSped has two entries documenting the date that the parent letter was sent home and the                 initial verbal communication to parents – District expectation is that 100% of parents have been communicated with and                     know who their child's case manager is before mid-September. 

District expectation of completion of above submissions - 100%