2019-2020 September Case Manager Timeline

What We Do
Items to be completed, maintained (in confidential binder), and submitted to DC/TL by September 10:
  • Updated & signed BOY Spreadsheet showing all students' schedules match their schedule of services (for those students who had "No" identified in any of the columns, corrections are to be made, document updated, and submitted to DC/TL)   
  • Student roster 
Item to be completed and maintained in confidential teacher binder to be reviewed by DC/TL before September 13, 2019:
  • Parent Communication Log documenting the date that the parent letter was sent home and the initial verbal communication to parents – District expectation is that 100% of parents have been communicated with and know who their child's case manager is before mid-September.
Items to be completed and submitted to DC/TL/CS by September 18, 2019

September Actions:
  1. Let students know how to reach you if they need you outside of the course you are instructing.  Let them know that you will maintain constant contact with them to make sure they are getting what they need to understand what’s being taught (you may want to set a weekly schedule or predetermined way to check-in with them in a discrete manner).
  2. Have parents complete the Parent Satisfaction Survey after the conclusion of every ARD/IEP meeting.
  3. Record all provided services using MSB xLogs and post sessions once they are provided.
  4. Discuss with teachers your plan to ensure students have what they need to stay on course with progress toward their IEP goals and objectives.
  5. Distribute & explain the importance of the ARD Teacher Input Forms to all staff who instruct any students who have ARD/IEP meetings scheduled in October (put a completion due date 2 wks prior to ARD). 
  6. Contact the SpEd Help desk: spedhelp@springisd.org with all upcoming ARD/IEP meetings to secure support from the IEP Specialists (clerk can complete this).
  7. Pull the ARD due by month report and determine which students need ARD/IEP meetings during the month of October. Discuss with IEP clerk and be sure to have these meetings scheduled 3 weeks in advance with all appropriate personnel invited to attend.
  8. Elementary Case Managers conduct the BOY iReady Assessment for students receiving Specially Designed Pull Out in Reading &/or Math (grades 2-5).  (Window for Assessment: September 9-19). 
  9. Ensure all draft IEP pages are completed at least 1 week prior to the scheduled ARD/IEP meeting (or prior to the previous annual ARD meeting).
  10. Provide parents with a copy of the draft PLAAFP, Goals/Objectives, and Accommodations at least 5 school days prior to the ARD/IEP meeting.
  11. Request a sample of student work with documented Accommodations & talk to teachers regarding accommodations for the individuals (to be kept in student binder).
  12. Attend SpEd Connection Meeting. 
  13. Attend MSB Documentation training (for teachers & paraprofessionals) and Goalbook training (for teachers other than CASE).
  14. Secondary Case Managers: Distribute IEP Goals/Objectives progress report to be issued concurrently with the report cards (End of the 6 week period is Sept. 20 - report cards go home on September 28).

District expectation of completion of above submissions - 100%