2019-2020 May Case Manager Timeline

What's Required 

Items to be completed by Monday, May 11:

  1. Post all services provided using MSB xLogs.  All recurring sessions through March 5 should be posted for both paras and teachers. For sessions after March 16, 2020, these should be deleted and starting April 13, 2020, these sessions should be posted as individual sessions.  View this video for assistance with how to post sessions during remote learning.
  2. Update your DC/TL/CS with the following information:
    • Number of amendments that have been completed and archived since April 13
    • Number of amendments left to complete
    • Number of annual ARDs you have completed and archived since April 13
    • Number of annual ARDs you have left to complete through June 2
  3. Discuss with your administrator and DC/TL/CS any students you have not been able to contact during the virtual learning instruction time and what the next steps are.
  4. Be sure to have given your DC/TL/CS a Promotional Staffing Sheet for all 5th and 8th grade students that you case manage (this was due April 15 for promotional staffings).

Items to be completed prior to May 26:

  1. Update each IEP goal with objectives for the students you case manage.  The date for the progress report must be the last instructional day of June 2, 2020.  Archive each end of year progress report in the 2019-2020 Progress Reports folder in eSped. 
Acceptable progress reporting: 4 out of 5 opportunities, attends to task for 15 minutes, 80% accuracy
Unacceptable progress reporting: "in progress" or "minimal progress"

May Actions 

  1.  Attend weekly PBL district Thursday PLC as well as the Thursday Special Education PLC.
  2. Connect at least twice per week with each student you case manage.  Document these sessions in MSB xLogs.
  3. Document your contacts with parents on the parent contact log.  This can be done using the Parent Contact Log in eSped or using the district Parent Communication Log.
  4. Document the provision of accommodations using the Accommodations Log or MSB xLogs.
  5. Ensure that the GenEd Teacher Bundle has been shared after completing the IEP Amendment for all students which document the virtual learning accommodations that should be implemented and documented.
  6. Distribute Teacher Input Forms to all staff who instruct any student who has an ARD scheduled in May (due date – 2 wks prior to ARD).
  7. Retrieve Teacher Input Forms from all teachers who have completed them for ARDs this month.
  8. Connect with all parents who you have an ARD meeting scheduled with this month to discuss ideas for the new plan that will be finalized during the ARD meeting (let parents know that you will be sending the draft PLAAFP statement and goals/objectives home to be reviewed). 
  9. Consider scheduling and conducting Annual ARDs held before September 18, 2019 prior to the end of the year.
  10. Audit the Archive Manager File for the students you case manage to ensure the following:
    • Annual ARD archived in the 2019-2020 Folder
    • Beginning of Year GenEd Teacher Bundle has been shared and all signatures have been obtained
    • Annual ARD Gen Ed Bundle has been shared and signatures have been obtained for supports and services agreed upon after the Annual ARD.
    • Amendment GenEd Bundle has been shared and signatures obtained for supports and services agreed upon due to COVID19
              11. Update communication log and collaborate with teachers any information from parent communication that is pertinent to their 
                    class/supports they should be providing. Ensure that the parent contact log is uploaded into the 2019-2020 Folder with the name “Parent
                    Contact Log”
              12. Talk to parents. Find out if there’s anything that the parents may need to be sent home that may help them with their child’s learning. Find
                    out if they are getting timely communication from their child's teachers or if there is any other way that you can assist them (being 
                    proactive goes a long way).

         Items to be completed by end of year:
        1. If teachers are able to return to the school building, the following items will be collected and secured by campus leadership (return these to the campus designated area):
          1. Staff iPads
          2. Radios
          3. Calculators (Secondary Campuses)
        2. Secure student work samples for the year in a folder designated for the student that is kept in a secure/confidential location (locked file cabinet).