2018-2019 October Case Manager Timeline

What We Do

Items to be completed by October 8
    1. Ensure that all SpEd Teachers and Paraprofessionals (who provide services to the students who you case manage) input all services provided to students beginning August 15.
    2. Secondary: Submit a list of students who are not making progress on their academic grades or IEP goals/objectives to DC & discuss the need for an ARD for those who have completed the cycle outlined in the Progress Monitoring procedure.
    3. Signed BOY Spreadsheet showing all updated student information (for students who had "No" identified in any of the columns).
    Item to be completed by October 19
    1. Ensure all annual and transfer IEP meetings due by October 26 are scheduled, held, and archived.

    October Actions: 
    1. Elementary Campuses: Update, archive, print/review, and distribute the Report of Student’s Progress Toward IEP Goals/Objectives for each student who you case manage by the issuance of report cards - October 26.
    2. Secondary Campuses: Follow the progress monitoring expectations for students who are not showing incremental progress with their IEP Goals/Objectives or classroom grades (activities/assignments/tests). 
    3. Check with Special Education and General Education teachers who instruct your students to find out how the program is working for the student & if there are any concerns/questions regarding the level of support that the student is receiving. 
    4. Communicate with parents on strengths that you have seen in their child up to this point.  Find genuine behaviors, grades, activities to report on.  Find out if there are any concerns or any assistance that they may be able to offer when working with their child (parents know their children best). Discuss any concerns that you may have.
    5. Distribute Teacher Input Forms 3 weeks prior to the scheduled ARD meeting for students you case manage.
    6. Retrieve Teacher Input Forms from all teachers 2 weeks prior to scheduled annual ARD meeting for students who you case manage.
    7. Prepare for upcoming ARD/IEP meetings by completing the Form 2 - Planning Document with GenEd teacher(s) and work with other SpEd teachers if they teach the student in other content areas. 
    8. Draft all IEP pages in eStar (eSped) at least 1 week prior to the scheduled ARD/IEP meeting (or prior to the previous annual ARD meeting date).
    9. Connect with all parents who you have an ARD meeting scheduled with this month to discuss ideas for the new plan that will be finalized during the ARD meeting (let parents know that you will be sending the draft PLAAFP statement and  goals/objectives home to be reviewed 5 days prior to the ARD). 
    10. Communicate with parents any activities coming up, provide resources that may help them to support learning at home.
    11. Update Parent Communication Log  and collaborate with teachers any information from parent communication that is pertinent to their class/supports they should be providing.
    12. Attend monthly Connection Meeting and other sessions designed to strengthen development of PLAAFPs, Goals/Objectives, etc.

    Items to be completed throughout October:
    1. Distribute IEP Progress reports by placing a copy with the student's teacher who distributes report cards or by placing it in the students weekly folder.
    2. Ensure all draft IEP pages are completed at least 1 week prior to the scheduled ARD/IEP meeting (or prior to the previous annual ARD meeting).
    3. Provide parents with a copy of the draft PLAAFP, Goals/Objectives, and Accommodations at least 5 school days prior to the ARD/IEP meeting.
    4. View Report: Annual ARDs due by Month from eStar and determined which students have ARDs due in November to ensure ARDs are scheduled at least 2 weeks before the annual IEP due date.
    5. Enter all services, accommodations, and Goals/Objectives data into MSB XLogs digital documentation.
    6. Ensure that all sessions are posted each week and Teachers have verified that the services have been rendered. 
    7. Email spedhelp@springisd.org to request an IEP Specialist review the developed IEP documents 5 days prior to the ARD/IEP meeting.
    8. Email spedhelp@springisd.org to request an IEP Specialist attend an ARD/IEP meeting.
    Items to be at the end of October/beginning of November:
    1. Ensure Services have been provided to students you case manage & report services that are not provided to CS/DC/TL using the Staffing/Conversation Notes Form.

    District expectation of completion of above submissions - 100%