2018-2019 May Case Manager Timeline

What's Required 

Items to be completed by May 4:

  1. Post all services provided using MSB xLogs. Discuss any concerns with the student receiving their services with the DC/TL and note if there are recurring concerns that need administrative assistance.
  2. Meet with DC/TL to discuss student data on results of 5th and 8th grade STAAR results and to discuss the data collected on the effectiveness of the students' supports/accommodations.
  3. Develop an AIP/IPI for each 5th & 8th grader who did not meet a minimum of Approaching on the Reading and/or Math STAAR.
  4. File student work samples for the month of April in a folder designated for the student that is kept in a secure/confidential location (locked file cabinet). 
  5. Submit ARD paperwork for ESY to your campus coordinator by May 10.
Items to be completed prior to May 20:
  1. Print and archive IEP progress reports - be sure to report on progress made with the Goals and Objectives.  
  2. Provide DC/TL/CS with a copy of the updated progress reports for students you case manage (for EOY check-in). 

May Actions 

  1.  Attend monthly Connection Meeting.
  2. Prior to the administration of STAAR assessments, discuss the assessment testing procedures with parents. Explain what the assessment is for and the standards that will be assessed (use scope & sequence). Let parents know that accommodations will be provided during the assessment. 
  3. Check with Special Education and General Education teachers who instruct your students to find out how the program is working for the student & if there are any concerns/questions regarding the level of support that the student is receiving. 
  4. Distribute Teacher Input Forms to all staff who instruct any student who has an ARD scheduled in May (due date – 2 wks prior to ARD).
  5. Retrieve Teacher Input Forms from all teachers who have completed them for ARDs this month.
  6. Complete Form 2 - Student Services Planning Document for students with annual ARD meetings scheduled in the month of May.
  7. Connect with all parents who you have an ARD meeting scheduled with this month to discuss ideas for the new plan that will be finalized during the ARD meeting (let parents know that you will be sending the draft PLAAFP statement and goals/objectives home to be reviewed). 
  8. Any annual IEP meetings held in August 2018 will need another annual prior to the end of the school year.
  9. Schedule ARD/IEP meetings for students who meet the requirements for Extended School Year Services.  All ARD meetings to determine ESY services should be completed and data sent to the ESY Coordinator (Shawn Wade-Smith) by May 10, 2019.
  10. Begin preparing paperwork and student folders for End of Year Check In.  End of Year Check In will be held on May 22 for Elementary Schools, May 23 for Middle Schools and May 24 for High Schools.
  11. For students in 5th and 8th grade, review results of the first administration of the STAAR test and if the student did not meet passing standards, develop an Intensive Program of Instruction (IPI) for those students that will be presented at an ARD meeting.
  12. Update communication log and collaborate with teachers any information from parent communication that is pertinent to their class/supports they should be providing. 
  13. Post all student service logs for the students you case manage. If service concerns have not been addressed, review concerns with campus SpEd DC/TL. 
  14. Talk to parents. Find out if there’s anything that the parents may need to be sent home that may help them with their child’s learning. Find out if they are getting timely communication from their child's teachers or if there is any other way that you can assist them (being proactive goes a long way). 
  15. Meet with the students that you case manage at least twice outside of the class that you teach them in. Find out what they need help with. Recommend a book that they should read over the summer. 
  16. Identify content areas that the student(s) are having difficulty with and develop a plan to support the students growth over the summer.

Items to be completed prior to May 22:

  1. Retrieve all  student service logs for the month of May (April 30- May 18), analyze services using the monthly analysis log to ensure minutes have been met, discuss and give the monthly analysis of student service log to your DC with the analysis of services. Highlight any concerns and note if they are recurring concerns that need administrative assistance.
  2. Retrieve all  student service logs and organize all service logs by date for each student that you case manage (this will be done for every sheet that has been collected this school year). Place one student's service logs together in a file folder labeled with the student's name on the tab. Alphabetize the group of students logs & submit all documents to DC to be included in the EOY check-in documents. **NOTE: the speech therapists will be providing each student's attendance logs for the year to be filed with the service logs - please include these in the folder**
  3. Secure student work samples for the month of May in a folder designated for the student that is kept in a secure/confidential location (locked file cabinet).
  4. Ensure that an Exit COSF (for all students turning 6 during the 2017-2018 school year) is completed in eSped.

 Items to be completed by end of year:

  1. Analyze STAAR assessment data (Due in the school district April 30) for 5th & 8th graders and develop an Intensive Program of Instruction (IPI) for those students who did not pass the Reading and/or Math section.
  2. Plan with campus leadership when they want to have the IPI meetings for all students who do not meet standard on their state assessment.
  3. Plan summer dates to return to assist with master scheduling, case management for next year, reviewing paperwork, etc.