2018-2019 February Case Manager Timeline

What We Do

Items to be completed by February 8:
  1. Ensure that student work samples have been filed in STEP binders maintained by GenEd teachers.
  2. Ensure that at least one parent contact has been documented on the Parent Contact.
  3. Meet with DC/TL & campus administrator to discuss student data on benchmarks, interim benchmarks, student improvement on standards comparing the benchmarks with the checkpoint data, and STAAR retakes
  4. Meet with the DC/TL to discuss the data collected on the effectiveness of the students' supports/accommodations (review information from GenEd teachers' step binder as well as SpEd teachers' confidential binder).  Make recommendations for next steps.
  5. Ensure accommodations & supplemental aids are prepared/available for students to receive prior to the Feb 18-22 benchmarks

Monthly Action Items
  1. Attend monthly Connections 
  2. Discuss upcoming benchmark testing with parents. Explain what the assessment is used for and the standards that will be assessed (use scope & sequence as a guide). Let parents know that accommodations will be provided during the assessment. 
  3. Ensure all students receive their testing accommodations during the Benchmark (February 18-22). 
  4. Following the Benchmark, discuss with parents the results of the assessment. Use the data from both the first and second benchmark to discuss progress as well as areas of concern. Discuss next steps with regards to instruction.
  5. Work with the campus to develop a plan to address areas of weakness (based on Benchmark data) for each student that you case manage. This plan may roll out during interventions and may be led by General Education teachers, Special Education teachers, Development Specialists, or any other service personnel who interact with the students to improve academic performance. Use the Staffing/Conversation Notes Form to maintain documentation.
  6. Check with Special Education and General Education teachers who instruct your students to find out how the program is working for the student & if there are any concerns/questions regarding the level of support that the student is receiving. 
  7. Distribute Teacher Input Forms to all staff who instruct any student who has an ARD scheduled in February (due date – 2 wks prior to ARD). 
  8. Retrieve Teacher Input Forms from all teachers who have completed them for ARDs this month. 
  9. Connect with all parents who you have an ARD meeting scheduled this month to discuss ideas for the new plan that will be finalized during the ARD meeting (let parents know that you will be sending the draft PLAAFP statement and goals/objectives home to be reviewed 5 days prior to the ARD). 
  10. Update communication log and collaborate with teachers any information from parent communication that is pertinent to their class/supports they should be providing. 

Items to be completed during, or prior to the end of, February: 
  1. Secondary Case Managers: Distribute IEP Progress reports (end of six weeks Feb. 22).  Maintain verification of distribution of progress reports.
Items to be completed by March 7:
  1. Meet with DC/TL to discuss student data on benchmarks and to discuss the data collected on the effectiveness of the students' supports/accommodations. 
  2. File Student student work samples for the month of February in a folder designated for the student that is kept in a secure/confidential location (locked file cabinet).