2018-2019 April Case Manager Timeline

What's Required

Items to be completed April 3:
  1. Post all completed sessions in MSB xLogs to indicate services provided. 
  2. Meet with DC/TL to discuss student data on benchmarks (for those grade levels that took their benchmarks during STAAR/EOC testing) and to discuss the data collected on the effectiveness of the students' supports/accommodations.

Items to be completed & submitted to DC/TL prior to April 12:
Staffing Prep: Current Schedule portion of the Promotional Staffing Sheet for all 5th and 8th grade students that you case manage.

April Actions
  1. Attend monthly Connection Meeting.
  2. Discuss upcoming STAAR assessment testing with parents. Explain what the assessment is for and the standards that will be assessed (use scope & sequence). Let parents know that accommodations will be provided during the assessment. 
  3. Ensure all students receive their accommodations during the STAAR ALT 2 (April 1-23).
  4. Check with Special Education and General Education teachers who instruct your students to find out how the program is working for the student & if there are any concerns/questions regarding the level of support that the student is receiving. 
  5. Distribute Teacher Input Forms to all staff who instruct any student who has an ARD scheduled in April (due date – 2 wks prior to ARD).
  6. Retrieve Teacher Input Forms from all teachers who have completed them for ARDs this month and use this information to develop PLAAFP statements.
  7. Collaborate with campus Diagnostician/ARD Facilitator regarding promotion staffing
  8. Connect with all parents who you have an ARD meeting scheduled with this month to discuss ideas for the new plan that will be finalized during the ARD meeting (let parents know that you will be sending the draft PLAAFP statement and goals/objectives home to be reviewed). 
  9. Collaborate with the campus ARD facilitator/diagnostician to schedule ARD/IEP meetings for students who meet the requirements for Extended School Year Services.
  10. Update communication log and collaborate with teachers any information from parent communication that is pertinent to their class/supports they should be providing. 
  11. Talk to parents. Find out if there’s anything that they need to come home that can help them with their child’s learning. Find out if they are getting timely communication from their child's teachers or if there is any other way that you can assist them (being proactive goes a long way). 
  12. Meet with the students that you case manage at least twice outside of the class that you teach them in. Find out what they need help with. Find out if there is any area that they are having difficulty and develop a plan with them to address the concerns.
Items to be completed during, or prior to the end of, April:
  1. Make sure accommodations/supplemental aids are prepared/available for students to receive before the April 8-12 and May STAAR/EOC.
  2. Work with Campus DC/TL/CS to review testing spreadsheet for each student that you case manage to ensure alignment with the student's IEP State Assessment page.
Items to be completed by April 28:
  • Ensure that all students who will be attending ESY have had an ARD/IEP meeting and that the documentation has been submitted (ESY Consideration & Documentation Procedures).
  • Make sure individualized supplemental aids are prepared and in testing tubs for students to receive during the May STAAR/EOC.

Items to be completed by May 3:
  1. Analyze STAAR assessment outcomes for 5th & 8th graders and develop/implement an Intensive Plan for Accelerated Instruction (IPI/AIP) for those students who did not meet standard on the Reading and/or Math section of STAAR.