2017-2018 December P&CS Coordinator Timeline

What We Do
  1. Review the Monthly Special Education Roster/SHARS Documentation google doc, identify if all SpEd staff are accounted for and if the positions that they are in align to the paraprofessional & teacher sheets emailed to you at the beginning of August.  If there are discrepancies discuss with Manager at individual meeting to determine next steps   
  2. Meet with entire campus SpEd team at least once to answer questions that they may have or to provide training to the team - an important topic this month is STAAR Accommodations & Supplemental Aids (maintain sign-in sheets & agenda - due Dec. 21)
  3. Check campus to ensure student service logs are being maintained. 
  4. Find out if the campus ARD Teacher Input Forms is being distributed to all staff (GenEd & SpEd) at least 3 weeks prior to the ARD/IEP meetings (completion due date is 2 wks prior to the annual ARD meeting). 
  5. Attend SpEd DC/TL Connection Meeting December 11 
  6. Ensure progress reports for IEP Goals/Objectives have been issued to all students who receive Special Education.
Dec. 13 Submission (bring to Wednesday Leadership Mtg & place in documentation basket):
  1. Sign-In sheets for G's & Accommodation Training (provided to all SpEd) - submit to Lorraine Rosales
  2. Monthly Count for December
  3. Monthly Analysis for Nov. 6-Dec. 1 with Teacher sheet checking off who has submitted from each campus (use SHARS teacher list, case manager student rosterand PEIMS list to determine if students are missing)  
Dec. 18 Submission to Manager:
  1. Completed Budget Template for you, your team, and the program that you support
Item to deliver to the records room for new students or any student who was missing from the September documents (Do not collect Verification Docs after annual ARD - these will be collected at EOY Check-in):
  1. Original Verification of Receipt of Accommodations and Modifications including signatures from all teachers who teach each student

District expectation of completion of above submissions - 100%