2017-2018 August P&C Support Coordinator Timeline

What We Do
  1. Attend/Participate in DC/TL meeting
  2. Develop "back-to-school' schedule & meet with facilitators/specialists to outline roles, responsibilities, annual goals & outcomes, data collection, presentations, etc 
  3. Submit August Schedule of campus support (Aug 17-Aug 31) by Aug 16
  4. Meet with Principal(s) to discuss your role in supporting instruction, supporting campus needs, assisting with scheduling, etc - maintain agendas of all meetings
  5. Review/Collect a comprehensive copy of the case manager teacher/student list (be sure every SpEd Teacher has a list) and ensure that the list has been distributed to administrators and counselors (August 16).  File this list in your campus Aug file
  6. Collect a copy of the ARD/IEP annual meeting schedule from Diag/ARD Facilitators (August 31).
  7. Collect Para Certifications from the Region 16: Two Heads Are Better Than One! training and give to Lorraine for filing.
  8. Find out if all teachers have access to eSped, eSchool, and Eduphoria for the students they case manage - assist DC/TL as needed & get a list of each campus's SpEd teachers who need to attend eSped training to get set up.  Give list to Liebe 
  9. Identify training that campus needs and work with principal to create plan for training - remember, GenEd teachers need training (PASS, CoTeach, Understanding the IEP paperwork, STEP binders, etc.)
  10. Ensure Verification of Receipt of Accommodations and Modifications forms have been completed for each student (signed by each teacher) and submitted to district SpEd records room by August 25
  11. Assist DC/TL in verifying that all SpEd teachers have access to lesson plans from the GenEd teachers
  12. Review campus schedules to ensure that all teachers are appropriately placed in classrooms to support the students who receive special education - (The template that Peg assigned last year will be due September 15).
  13. Collect Verification of Services form - submitted to DC/TL by August 25
  14. Begin collecting student/program numbers to complete 15 Day count **Completed by September 6 - Submitted to Coordinator by September 7**
  15. Begin collecting the beginning of the year spreadsheet - Case managers will submit to DC/TL by August 25.
  16. Maintain a copy of the Special Education Roster/SHARS Documentation completed on the google doc shared with you - this will replace the Special Education Team Roster - Pull Rosters on September 1 (Lori will be sending additional information regarding this new system).

  17. Forms to be collected by August 16:

    Forms to be collect by August 31