Campus/Program Coordinator

What We Do

Campus Support
  • Meet with campus administrators (at least monthly) to review supports being provided, campus challenges, and next steps
  • Schedule bi-monthly meetings with DC/TL to support them in their campus leadership role
  • Review campus data with Special Education team and administration (after Benchmarks and STAAR assessments)
  • Identify and support campus with accomplishing campus and district annual goal(s) for Special Education as outlined in the DIP, CIP, TIP, & CAP
  • Attend ARD/IEP meetings when guardian brings a lawyer or for a reconvene ARD that ended in non-consensus 
  • Participate in staffings to assist campus in drafting appropriate supports/programs for students with disabilities when needed
  • Conduct classroom walks using Quality Indicators to determine next steps 
  • Maintain/Train quality indicators and program expectations 
  • Problem solve specific student situations
  • Monitor campus program numbers to support student:staff ratios in accordance with district staffing guidelines (15 day count, mid-year, end-of-year)
  • Analyze & maintain Campus Data: SpEd teacher assignments, verification of services, program/campus SpEd numbers, district & state testing data, all submissions from DC/TL - this data is used to determine action items for campus
  • Ensure successful transition of student records and materials between schools during transitions
  • Participates in LRE discussions/decisions by making data driven recommendations for program placement and support
  • Support teachers in the development and implementation of Standards Based IEPs
  • Assist in finding ways to utilize campus staff to support students when teacher(s) is/are absent from duty
  • Train campuses on program expectations to ensure fidelity of implementation
District Support
  • Provide district wide training to special education staff 
  • Coordinate Special Education Program Connection Meetings monthly
  • Maintain campus program numbers and alignment with staffing guidelines
  • Develop & Facilitate Connection Meetings for assigned program(s)
  • Provide campus data with regard to teacher attendance at monthly Connection Meetings
  • Analyze data and timelines to determine topics for DC/TL meetings 
  • Oversee facilitators and/or specialists who support campus programs across the district
  • Auditing and compliance monitoring of IEP documents
Program Support
  • Monitor Programs for fidelity of implementation (based on quality indicators)
  • Collect data using quality indicators to monitor program compliance
  • Provide feedback to campus administration/staff regarding program data
  • Outline the roles & responsibilities of the program facilitators and campus support personnel
  • Develop, oversee, and support special education programs across the district
  • Review data and next steps when a campus requests a Change of Placement 
  • Maintain professionalism at all times
  • Be on time and present at Leadership Connections, Coordinator Connections, Program & Campus Support Connections
  • Operate in alignment with district, state, and federal guidelines
  • Utilize the Special Education Manuals to obtain information, provide procedural guidance, and to update expectations/procedures/ instructional practices
  • Maintain composure at all times
  • Function within timelines to accomplish the task
  • Know that others are relying on you


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