Bilingual Itinerant

What We Do

The Special Education Bilingual Itinerant Teacher is responsible for supporting and facilitating the instruction of elementary students with disabilities in the Bilingual Education program, as determined appropriate by the ARDC.

Major Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Support mastery of students’ IEP goals and objectives including accommodations and modifications in the general education setting, servicing students through inclusion or pull out, individual and/or small group instruction.

  • Facilitate the general education teacher with understanding of student’s Individualized Educational Plan’s goals, objectives, accommodations, modifications and the qualifying disability.

  • Provide ideas on appropriate techniques, instructional methodologies and how to differentiate lessons for bilingual students with special needs.

  • Collaborate with Resource teachers, assessment personnel and Case Managers to develop appropriate IEPs and recommend services times.

  • Model best instructional practices in lessons for teachers and paraprofessionals.

  • Attend ARDs as necessary.

  • Offer parents orientation for implementing a study routine at home.

Beginning of Year Procedures

1. Campus Responsibilities

  • Meet General Education and Special Education Teachers, SpEd Team Leaders, Principals and Assistant Principals to introduce Itinerant assigned to their campus and explain role.

  • Identify students who will receive Itinerant service at their school.

  • Collect teachers’ classroom schedules to create Itinerant schedule.

  • Meet individually with each classroom teacher to review student’s qualifying criteria, IEPs, accommodations and modifications.

  • Contact student’s parents to introduce Itinerant assigned to their child and explain role.

  • Make sure each classroom teacher has received and understood student’s individual accommodations/modifications and keeps copy readily accessible.

  • Make sure students received appropriate accommodations and/or modifications for each subject area as recommended by ARDC.

  • Request campus’ principal to approve a work area for Itinerant.

2. District Responsibilities

  • Meet with Bilingual Diagnostician to get an update of students who might have qualified over summer, as well as those in the process of being evaluated.

  • Create a general caseload and divide it equally among Itinerants.

  • Itinerants will organize folders/binders with copies of students’ IEPs and other pertinent documents.

  • Each Itinerant will create a daily schedule to service students in their caseload.

  • Attend Department meetings or/and beginning of the year trainings.


  • Have a meeting with the student’s Case Manager to revisit students exiting criteria from the Bilingual Program early in the year and make the necessary changes, if needed, through the ARDC and LPAC.

  • Include and notify Special Education Bilingual Itinerants on trainings that pertain to their areas.

  • Have a general information (orientation) meeting at the beginning of the year for all bilingual general education teachers who will have a special needs student in their classroom.

End of Reporting Period Procedures

3. Campus Responsibilities      

  • Collaborate with Case Managers on students’ progress.

  • Meet with classroom teacher to discuss progress, revisit strategies, share concerns or comments.

  • Contact students’ parents and discuss progress, questions they might have, share strategies to implement at home.

4. District Responsibilities

  • Complete and turn in Student Service Logs


  • At the beginning of the year, perhaps during a Department monthly Inclusion meeting, offer a refresher over grading policy for special needs students.


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