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ARD Facilitator Roles and Responsibilities

An ARD/IEP meeting facilitator is an individual who intervenes in order to help the ARD/IEP committee work together more effectively in order to make informed decisions pertaining to a student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP). A facilitator manages the ARD/IEP committee’s process. They work collaboratively with campus personnel and assigned SpEd staff to insure that ARD/IEP meetings are held annually and throughout the year as needed.

Functions of an ARD/IEP meeting Facilitator:

• Guides ARD/IEP committee members through cooperative processes, including decision-making.

• Ensures that committee members fully participate in all decisions.

• Intervenes to promote effective interactions between committee members.

• Promotes mutual understanding of different perspectives.

• Guides the dialogue to assist the committee in exploring its assumptions, beliefs, and values related to the discussion and decision.

• Fosters inclusive solutions—reduces the win/lose mentality within the committee.

Responsibilities of the ARD Facilitator:

ARD Meetings

• Annual ARD meetings

• Brief ARD/IEP meetings/Change of Placement ARD/IEP meetings

• Manifestation Determination ARD meetings (insure LSSP and other staff are involved as appropriate)

• Transfer ARD meetings (refer to transfer ARD procedures; input hyperlink).

• Consultation with campus staff on student needs and ARD scheduling 

• Schedule and attend staffings for students prior to ARD meetings or as needed for students

• Consult with assigned campus diagnostician, psychologist, etc. when a REED or planner is needed

• Complete ARD/IEP calendar in collaboration with campus staff, assigned campus diagnostician, and other special education staff assigned to campus

• Complete PEIMS DATA SHEET immediately following every ARD/IEP meeting held by ARD Facilitator, archive and notify appropriate personnel.

• Complete Evaluation Request notices as needed to notify appropriate evaluation personnel of needed evaluations and/or evaluation requests.

• Track assigned evaluations by monitoring ER sheet and notifying evaluation personnel if they are nearing a timeline for completion of the evaluation assigned.

• Upon receipt of notification from Diagnostician that testing is completed, ARD/IEP meeting Facilitator will notify teachers to complete PLAAPF and goals and objectives if student is anticipated to qualify.

 • Conduct Individual Education Plan meetings if services are more than speech. 


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