18+ Instructional Paraprofessional

18+ Instructional Paraprofessional will assist the special education teacher to provide for physical and instructional needs of students with disabilities in special education setting and community. All employees of SISD are expected to act with integrity, support and demonstrate our core
values, communicate in a clear and respectful manner and seek to continuously improve self performance and processes.

• Assist teacher in preparation of instructional materials and classroom displays
• Assists teacher in implementing instructional plans for developing students' skills in independent living, community access and vocational training.
• Assist teacher in preparing/maintaining records/reports required by Federal, State or local laws/regulations
• Train, monitor, and coach students in classroom and in community settings.
• Assist teacher in intervening in crisis situations and restraining disruptive or dangerous student behavior as needed
• Assist teacher in working with individual students or small groups
• Assist in supervision of students throughout the school day
• Prepares a variety of documents, reports, and written materials to document student progress and performance
• Inform teacher of special needs or problems of individual students
• Transports students, using a district vehicle (bu
• Participate in staff development and faculty meetings as assigned
• Perform all other duties as assigned