Summary of Performance for Graduation

What's Required

A summary of performance generally refers to a summary of the child’s academic achievement and functional performance, which includes recommendations on how to assist the child with a disability in meeting postsecondary goals. 300.305(e)(3).

A summary of performance is required for the child whose eligibility terminates due to: 

  • Graduation with a regular high school diploma or

  • Exceeding the age eligibility for a free appropriate public education 


The Summary of Performance must consider, as appropriate:

  • The views of the parent

  • The views of the child

  • Written recommendations from adult service agencies on how to assist the child in meeting postsecondary goals


The Summary of Performance must utilize evaluation as part of the summary performance 

  • Completion of the credit requirements for graduation under the Foundation High School Program or the Minimum High School Program through courses, one or more of which contain modified curriculum  89.1070(h)(b)(g)

  • Satisfactory performance on required state assessments, unless the ARD committee has determined that satisfactory performance on the assessments is not necessary for graduation (89.1070(h)(b)(g)

  • Completion of the IEP as well as compliance with the graduation framework  (89.1070(h);(2)(A)(B)(C);4(A)4(B)4(C)

What We Do 
  • We must complete the Summary of Performance prior to our student’s exit from public education 

    • The information for the summary of performance can occur outside of an ARD setting.  

The following are responsible for completing the Summary of Performance:

    • Assessors and Related Service staff that are currently providing ARDed services for the student.  This can include but is not limited to:

      • The Educational Diagnostician, 

      • Licensed Specialist in School Psychology, 

      • Speech & Language Pathologist 

      • Related Service staff 

      • Transition specialist team members 

    • The following are requested to provide input for the Summary of Performance

      • Parent/Guardian 

        • Information from ARD documentations and Parent Interviews can be used

      • The Student 

        • Information provided during transition assessment/interview with student can be used

      • Classroom Teachers

        • Recommendations to promote student access to post-secondary outcomes will be requested

        • Student’s functional performance & academic achievement information. 

      • Agency Supports

        • If the student has connected resources include this information in the Summary of Performance

      • Providers that the parents indicate to provide educational supports/services for their student

        • Consider gathering of information if the providers provide relevant information pertinent to post-secondary outcomes for the student 

  • The summary of performance will include updated information of the student’s performance, as well as the student’s abilities and post-secondary aspirations.   

    • We must always note that agency supports for our students will often require an updated FIE to be dated within 2-3 years of the date of graduation.  

    • Our assessment teams will ensure current data is provided 

  •   The summary will clearly indicate the reason for termination of special education eligibility in accordance with federal regulations

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