Initial Assessment - Campus Requesting Assessment Procedures

What's Required

Each public agency must conduct a full and individual initial evaluation before the initial provision of special education and related services to a child with a disability 34 CFR 300.301(a).  The purpose of the evaluation is to determine if the child is a child with a disability 34 CFR 300.8(a)(1) under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)and to determine the educational needs of the child 34 CFR 300.301(c)(2)

What We Do
Initial Assessment 
Campus Requesting Assessment Procedures

1. Academic and behavioral interventions should be documented in the appropriate documentation system (ex. eSTAR, Eduphoria). 
Note: Throughout the tiered levels of general education support, general education teachers and instructional specialists should document student specific academic and behavioral interventions in the the appropriate documentation system (ex. eSTAR/eRTI,, Eduphoria) and the impact those interventions have on student performance.

2. Once a campus has determined that a student is not making adequate progress (compared to their grade-appropriate peers) despite the implementation of RtI interventions, the Collaborative Student Support Process (CSSP) Team should request a folder review meeting via the Initial Assessment Request Form.  

3.     The Student Support Specialist will begin to collect documents required on the Evaluation Preparation Checklist.  Prior to the folder review meeting, will need to be reviewed and signed off on by the campus diagnostician, SLP and/or LSSP.

4. A folder review meeting will be scheduled by the Special Education Department.  An email will be sent with the folder review date, time and location.  Prior to the folder review meeting:
  • The campus diagnostician, SLP and/or LSSP will review the documents to ensure all components are accounted for and sign the Evaluation Preparation Checklist.   
  • All documents required on the Evaluation Preparation Checklist should be scanned into the designated google drive along with the Parent Request Questionnaire, which is obtained from the campus diagnostician.  Do NOT scan work samples.
  • The campus should have at least one person that has knowledge of the student attend the Folder Review and bring a copy of the campus referral folder (including work samples) with a completed Evaluation Preparation Checklist and Parent Request Questionnaire.
  • The Folder Review Committee will be composed of assessment staff, assessment coordinator(s), and campus staff in order to make the most appropriate educational decision for the student.

5. A decision will be made at the conclusion of the Folder Review Meeting about whether or not to conduct an evaluation.  Notification of the decision will be sent to the relevant campus personnel.
(a) When assessment is warranted -- Initial Consent for Assessment will be provided with a Notice of Proposal or Refusal to Provide Services, the Procedural Safeguards and A Guide to the Admission Review and Dismissal Process by the Campus Diagnostician or SLP.
(b) If the data does not support the decision for assessment -- recommendations will be given and a Notice of Decision will be provided to the parent and relevant campus personnel

6. The campus should continue to provide (or initiate) campus-based interventions and services throughout the evaluation process.

7. Once the assessment is complete, results will be reviewed with the campus staff.
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