Initial Assessment - Parent Requesting Assessment

What's Required

If a parent or legal guardian makes a written request to a school district’s director of special education services or to a district administrative 
employee for a full individual and initial evaluation of a student, the district shall, not later than the 15th school day after the date the district 
receives the request: 
(1) provide an opportunity for the parent or legal guardian to give written consent for the evaluation; or
(2) refuse to provide the evaluation and provide the parent or legal guardian with notice of procedural safeguards under 20 U.S.C.   

What We Do

Initial Assessment
Parent Requesting Assessment Procedures

1. If a parent contacts any school staff member and requests special education testing: 

(a) Verbal: the staff member who is contacted must notify the Student Support Specialist (SSS) and campus diagnostician with the details of the verbal request within 24 hours. The SSS will reach out to the parent to get details of the request and complete the Verbal Request for an Evaluation Form.

(b) Written: the staff member who received the written request will notify and provide the written request to the SSS within 24 hours. If additional information is needed, the SSS will reach out to the parent to get details of the request. The SSS will immediately complete the 
Initial Assessment Request Form and attach a copy of the written request for evaluation

Attached is a sample letter that a parent may use if they would like guidance but it is not required. 

2. Student Support Specialist will begin to collect documents required on the Evaluation Preparation Checklist.  

3. An Assessment Coordinator will schedule a folder review within 14 days and email will be sent with the folder review date, time, and location.  
  • The Campus should have at least one person who has knowledge of the the student attend the Folder Review and bring a copy of the campus referral folder with a completed Evaluation Preparation Checklist.
  • The Folder Review Committee will be composed of assessment staff, Assessment Coordinator(s), and Campus staff in order to make the most appropriate educational decision for the student. 
4.  A current near & far vision and hearing screening, that demonstrates passing results, should be included in the documentation brought to the folder review (exception: is the suspected disability includes an auditory impairment or visual impairment). Please see the chart below for potential sources of data that can be provided to assist in the student data review process. Additionally, see the Evaluation Preparation Checklist for more details. 

5. A decision will be made at the conclusion of the Folder Review Meeting about whether or not to conduct an evaluation

(a) When assessment is warranted -- Initial Consent for Assessment will be provided with a Notice of Decision and the Procedural Safeguards by the Campus Diagnostician.
(b) If the data does not support the decision for assessment -- recommendations will be given and a Notice of Decision will be provided to the parent. 

6. The campus should continue to provide (or initiate) campus based interventions and services throughout the evaluation process.

7. Once the assessment is complete, results will be reviewed with the campus staff.