Initial Assessment Speech Only Referral

What's Required

Each public agency must conduct a full and individual initial evaluation before the initial provision of special education and related services to a child with a disability 34 CFR 300.301(a).  The purpose of the evaluation is to determine if the child is a child with a disability 34 CFR 300.8(a)(1) under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)and to determine the educational needs of the child 34 CFR 300.301(c)(2)

What We Do

  1. Teacher has concerns regarding Articulation/Language/Fluency/Voice and contacts campus Student Support Specialist (SSS) regarding concerns. (For parent requests please see Parent Requesting Assessment procedures).
  2. SSS gathers the packet needed on the Evaluation Preparation Checklist, and consults with the teacher for completion.

  3. Teacher/s complete/s the Speech Only Referral packet with necessary forms.(Complete only the forms packet needed based on type of concern) and attends a Decision Point Meeting (DPM) to discuss speech/language concerns. 

  1. From this point forward, follow procedures for Campus Requesting Assessment if the outcome from the DPM suggests that a referral to special education is warranted. The Initial Assessment Request form should be completed. 

  2. If the student is being referred for an articulation, voice or fluency assessment only, the campus DPM will include the Speech-Language Pathologist and will be conducted by the student’s home campus. 

  3. If the student is being referred due to concerns about a language impairment (alone or in combination with other speech concerns), the campus SSS will take the student’s folder to Folder Review Meeting. The Folder Review Committee will determine if the student should be referred for Special Education testing or whether additional intervention or data is needed. 

  4. If the campus level DPM committee or the Folder Review Meeting committee determine that a Special Evaluation is not indicated:

    1. Notice of Decision & Notice of Refusal will be provided to the parent and archived in esped.

    2. We will ensure that the student if added to esped as a student with a status of “In referral,” will be changed to “refusal to evaluate.” 

  5. If the DPM committee or the Folder Review Meeting committee recommends a Special Education Evaluation, 

    1. The campus assessment staff (SLP will obtain consents for Speech Only Evaluations) will request parental consent for assessment within 5 days of receiving notification 

    2. Ensure the student was added to esped as a referral, after consent is acquired

    3. Ensure all dates were accurately entered into esped (review consent process guidance documents in the additional resources section of this document)


• At any time (during articulation, voice, or fluency interventions) the SLP may decide it is appropriate to forego further interventions the process for FIE may be initiated.  

• If at any point during the CSS process, you suspect any disabilities other than SI consult with your Ed.Diag. and the CSS committee to initiate interventions in additional areas of concern, or initiate an FIE.