Initial Assessment Speech Only Referral

What's Required

Each public agency must conduct a full and individual initial evaluation before the initial provision of special education and related services to a child with a disability 34 CFR 300.301(a).  The purpose of the evaluation is to determine if the child is a child with a disability 34 CFR 300.8(a)(1) under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)and to determine the educational needs of the child 34 CFR 300.301(c)(2)

What We Do

Level: Universal/Strategic

  1. Teacher has concerns regarding Articulation/Language/Fluency/Voice and contacts campus Student Support Specialist (SSS) to present concerns at a Decision Point Meeting (DPM). (For parent request please see Parent Requesting Assessment procedures).

  2. SSS gathers the packet needed on the Evaluation Preparation Checklist, and consults with the teacher for completion.

  3. Teacher completes and returns Documents to your campus SSS in order to schedule a DPM Meeting.

  4. From this point forward, follow procedures for Campus Requesting Assessment Campus Request if the outcome from the DPM suggests that a referral to special education is warranted.  

  5. If a folder review is conducted, and the recommendation from folder review recommends RtI intervention, the interventions must be documented on the Intensive level of RtI.

Level: Intensive

  1. Parental Notification for RtI will be sent out from the SSS.

  2. The SLP in collaboration with the SSS will develop goals for the intensive interventions.  Intensive interventions are to be provided in small group sessions from 1-5 students with interventions taking no more than 30 minutes per session, no more than two sessions per week in 4-6 week cycles. Ideally, intensive interventions target specific skills that can be addressed in a short amount of time.  Examples of intensive interventions include (but are not limited to) using the /k/ sound in single words, using regular plural forms.

  3. At the end of this time frame, the SLP must present the information to the CSS team and together they will determine if the child needs an additional assessment, or if that child has made significant progress. Data should be reviewed after the first cycle of 4-6 weeks, and if appropriate, intensive interventions can continue for another cycle of 4-6 weeks.  If another cycle of intensive interventions are not appropriate the student should be exited from intensive interventions or referred for a special education evaluation. 


• At any time (during articulation, voice, or fluency interventions) the SLP may decide it is appropriate to forego further interventions the process for FIE may be initiated.  

• If at any point during the CSS process, you suspect any disabilities other than SI consult with your Diag and the CSS committee to initiate interventions in additional areas of concern, or initiate an FIE.