Protocol Procedures

What's Required

However, so long as an educational agency or institution, such as the District, maintains education records, which includes test protocols and other records that are personally identifiable to a student and maintained by professionals conducting FIEs for the District, then it is required to comply with a parent's request to inspect and review those records in accordance with § 99.10(b) of the FERPA regulations. This means that under FERPA, the District must allow a parent to inspect and review personally identifiable test protocols and other records maintained by professionals conducting an FIE for the District if the request is received before the District has destroyed the records. FERPA also requires the District to respond to reasonable requests for explanations and interpretations of those records so long as they are maintained. 34 CFR § 99.10(c).  Letter to Carroll Independent School District (TX) re: Destruction of Student Test Data

What We Do

Protocol Check-Out Procedure
  1. Diag/LSSP/SLPs are to monitor your number of unused protocols daily for each test kit
  2. When the number of protocols drops to two (7 for digital), complete the Equipment/Resource Request form to request additional protocols.
  3. Await a response. 
Protocol Return Procedures
  1. Must be turned in to your coordinator each grading period. Please submit separately from non-identifiable protocol.  
Note: Contractors are to provide a copy of protocols for each evaluation provided


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