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Promotional Staffings


To ensure a smoother transition of students being promoted to Kinder, 6th and 9th grades, Spring ISD has determined that Promotional Staffings shall be held in the spring of the school year. Promotional Staffings are designed to bring the current school and the school that the student is being promoted to together to discuss services to be provided for students transitioning from ECSE to Kinder, 5th to 6th and 8th to 9th grade.


Promotional Staffings take place to give the receiving school and the sending school a joint opportunity to review the students’ needs and align services and supports so that these needs can be met effectively in the upcoming school year.

These staffings also provide the receiving school a viable estimate of the number of students and the scope of their supports and services so that the Master Schedule and staff schedules can be adjusted. It will also allow the district to adjust staffing to meet the needs on all campuses.

This procedure was developed during the 2015 - 2016 school year by a promotion committee which included administrators from every level, Department Chairs /Team Leads, diagnostician/ARD facilitators, and special education coordinators.


It is understood that the majority of students will have had their Annual Review ARDs during the school year, prior to Promotional Staffings which are held in the spring.

All Promotional Staffings will take place on or before March 29th through April 29th.

Please note, all campuses in Spring ISD provide the full continuum of special education supports and services for students. 
For example, A student who is in  elementary school  and who has Specially Designed Pullout outlined on their IEP Schedule of Service Page (as the student is 2 or more grade levels below grade level in reading) would have on their Promotional Staffing Worksheet a notation for Special Designed Pullout for the current year. At the Promotion Staffing this need would be discussed and frequency/duration outlined on the Promotional Staffing Tracking Worksheet for the next year's services. The campus administrator would ensure that time was allocated for a special education teacher to provide the service in the campus schedule for the next school. This will ensure that the student receives the services they need to continue to make progress on their goals and objectives

Who should attend Promotional Staffings?

A campus administrator and the Department Chair/Team Lead/Compliance Specialist from the sending and receiving schools are needed for the Promotional Staffings. These representatives must be able to provide the campus course offerings and the campus’ Master Schedule Information needed in developing the Schedule of Services for the student.

If necessary, the Speech Language Pathologist should also attend.

SpEd Speech Only:

Note: If the student is eligible only for Speech Therapy (speech only), the Promotional Staffing will not be required for the 2021-2022 school year. However, if the receiving campus would like to review students that are qualified as speech only they will need to include the Speech Language Pathologist and a campus administrator for those Promotion Staffings. 


Who Schedules the Promotional Staffings?

The Department Chair/Team Lead from the sending campus will  IEP Clerk to schedule all staffings as a cluster with the receiving campus DC/TL/CS and IEP Clerk. The Receiving campus DC/TL/CS with coordinate and obtain approved dates for the Promotion Staffings from the campus administrator.

 For example, if a group of students are supposed to be going to Twin Creeks Middle School, then the elementary Team Lead will contact the middle school Department Chair to schedule the dates. The middle school Department Chair will obtain approved  dates for the staffings from the middle school campus administration. The middle school and elementary school Department Chair and/or Team Lead will collaborate to finalize the date and they will set up staffings for all the incoming students to occur during the course of one day (So the sending campus should only go to the receiving campus one time, to talk about all the students that are coming to that receiving campus the next year). 

The Staffings will be hosted by the receiving campus virtually.

Sending campus will email/Google share the following documents with the receiving campus prior to the staffing date:

  1. Accommodations Page from each student’s IEP for next year
  2. The Schedule of Services page from each student’s IEP for next year
  3. Promotional Staffing Worksheet (top section completed)
Accommodations Page 

The Accommodations page from each student’s ARD / IEP outlining the accommodations that must be in place for the next school year will be used to ensure that the accommodations are appropriate to the new educational setting.  


Schedule of Services

The schedule of services page from the ARD / IEP outlining the services that the student should receive next year will be used to double check that it accurately reflects the committee’s intent.


Promotion Staffing Worksheet


The top section of the Promotional Staffing Worksheet will be completed before the staffing and the bottom will be completed during the Promotional Staffing.


The top portion of the form should include the student’s current schedule of services; the middle section reflects the student’s schedule of services per the ARD/IEP committee for the upcoming school year.


The third portion should outline any proposed changes for the student’s schedule or accommodations as a result of the Promotional Staffing. If changes are proposed, an ARD/IEP Committee meeting is required. These ARD/IEP Meetings should be held by the sending school prior to the end of the school year. It is suggested that the representative from the receiving school be invited to provide the parent with timely information.


At the conclusion of the staffing, a copy of the Promotional Staffing Worksheet will be sent to the receiving campus and the Campus Coordinator.


Wunsche, Roberson, and Spring Leadership Academy Lottery

The Special Education Department will need a list of the chosen students to determine if the student chosen is receiving special education services or not.  From there, the promotion IEP meetings will be scheduled with the receiving campus. Once students have been identified to attend one of Spring ISD's Schools of Choice, the district 

Adjustments to next year's Schedule of Services
  • If during the promotional staffing, recommendations are made to adjust frequency/duration of services (based on campus schedule times), then an ARD/IEP amendment must take place by the current school in preparation for the next school year. 
  • If during the promotional staffing, recommendations are made to add or remove services, a revision ARD meeting must be scheduled by the current school and data must be included in the IEP to justify the recommended changes.

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