Student Records / Setup of Student Campus Folder

What's Required

Case Managers or DC/TLs should prepare the folders for exchange in the following way:

Campuses should update student “working” folders at each annual IEP meeting and at end of the year. Please ensure each folder is Clean, Orderly, Complete and in the following order: Bottom up:

1. ASSESSMENT DIVIDER: Be sure to keep all relevant assessments (i.e. FIEs, AT Evals, etc). Newest FIE should be near the top.

2. PREVIOUS IEP DIVIDER: Keep only 3 years worth of Previous IEP documents w/ a copy of previous conference records. Pulp any IEP documents older than 3 years. Be sure NOT to pulp original documents. Original documents should be delivered to the records room and filed appropriately. This is also the section where copies of previous progress reports go.

3. CURRENT IEP DIVIDER: Keep the current year’s ARDs and progress report in this section. Be sure the following items are in this section:
a. Monitoring of student progress
c. Results of STAAR, District Testing results, TELPAS results.
d. End of Year Progress Report

4. CURRENT CONFERENCE LOG: – Note any and all communication with parents on this page. At the end of the year, this document is copied for your records and the original is sent in to the Audit/Records room.

Each red folder should be neat, orderly, up-to-date without papers falling out. Each red folder should be filed alphabetically on the campus and left in a secure and confidential location. Please be aware these are the student’s working folders and will follow the student when they change campuses.

At the end of the year, the red folders of graduating Seniors will be brought to folder exchange to be recycled for the upcoming year.