Progress Report Procedures and eSped: How to Archive IEP Progress Reports

What We Do

Case managers are required to collect data throughout the duration of the school year regarding student progress on IEP goals and objectives.  After the first 3 weeks of implementing new IEP goals/objectives, the case manager will ensure that the developed goals/objectives are being addressed and will collect data to identify how the student is progressing toward mastery of the goal.  This data is collected 2x's/week through the course of each grading period. At the end of the grading period (9 weeks for elementary and 6 weeks for secondary) the data is reported in eSped, archived, and sent home to the parents:
  • This data should be updated in the IEP Progress Reports Document in eSped.
  • The date for progress reporting will be the last day of the Grading Period Cycle outlined in the District's Report Card Calendar. 
  • The reporting of Goals & Objectives are to include specific data showing the student's progress (aligned to the written outline 
  • The goals and objectives should be archived on the date for each district grade deadline (6 week or 9 week intervals). 
  • The progress reports should then be printed and sent home with each student's report card. 
  • If progress is not being made, the case manager should alert the campus diagnostician to potentially setup an IEP meeting. 

How to Archive Individual Students
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