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Special Education teachers/Case managers must to verify that student's course schedule is aligned to the students Schedule of Services page as outlined in the student's IEP. Additionally, the master schedule and/or the special education teachers' schedules must be examined to ensure that special education teachers are assigned to the classrooms in which co-teach/in-class support/or specially designed pullout have been coded for in eschool. Case Managers will complete the Verification of Services Form by the designated date as outlined in the Case Manager Timeline. Furthermore, Student Service Logs must be updated daily to verify service has been provided to the student. 


Each semester, each Special Education teacher needs to complete a Verification of Services (VoS) form for the students that they case manage.  This form is to ensure that each student who receives special education is receiving the service time that has been outlined in their IEP Schedule of Services page.   

Teacher Responsibility:
Mark Yes (Y) or No (N) in the first two columns based on student schedules.
If a student is in grades 9-11 mark the third column regarding the student participating in EOC. 
If the teacher reports a “N” then they will take it to the DC/TL and/or administrator to have the problem resolved.
Once the student’s schedule & services match what is outlined in the IEP the teacher, DC/TL, and Principal will sign off stating that the students are receiving their Special Education services.  

This information is in the January Case Manager Timeline on the Special Education Procedures Manual.  In addition, DC/TLs have received this information to share with their team.  
VoS Timeline:
1. Completion of Verification of Services Form by Special Education teacher – completed at the beginning of each semester
2. Corrections/Signatures by DC/TL and administrator verifying that the students’ schedules are aligned to allow for SpEd services to be provided – campus will have one week to make any corrections noted
3. Final Submission of documents – before the semester’s first progress report

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