IEP / ARD Paperwork Submission and Audit Procedures

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Procedure for Submitting IEP Documents

1. The IEP is  to be Archived  within 24 hours of the IEP Meetig. The IEP Clerk with submit the IEP paperwork within 5 working days utilizing the privacy bag provided to and sent through interoffice mail address to Admin Special Education.

2. After the IEP is completed, edited, printed, and archived.  Place all documents in the correct order with a COMPUTERIZED SEMS sheet on top. 

3. Send entire document to the PEIMS Clerk at the Administration Building. 

4. Each Professional that conducts ARDs/IEP Meetings will have their paperwork audited for compliance by their Assessment Coordinator and Compliance Coordinator.  This information helps guide our training and support for the team.  You will receive an IEP/ARD Correction Notice. One of the following actions will occur:

a. If IEP is adequate - A white IEP Review sheet will be returned to you.  Be sure to look at the Review sheet for any suggestions or “REMINDERS” for future IEPs.

b.If a Correction is needed – You will receive a PINK SHEET to you at your campus. Corrections require immediate action and may include one of the following: 
i. You may need to submit missing paperwork.
ii. Corrections must be completed within a week.  It is your responsibility to replace the corrected copies in the student’s state folder.   
iii. Submit the corrected document to the parent with a letter of Correction.
iv. ReArchive the Corrected IEP and name it “Corrected”. 
v. Submit the PINK SHEET with a HUGE CHECK MARK on the Pink Correction sheet. 
c. PERFECT IEP AWARD!!! – If the IEP is perfect and has no errors then you will earn a Perfect IEP Certificate. 

**Please note that all IEP corrections must be submitted before checkout at the end of the year or you will not be able to check out.