ESY Consideration and Documentation Procedures

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1.The student must be reported in the same instructional arrangement/setting in which the student was served during the current school year. If the child receiving ESY services is turning 3 during the summer, the ARD/IEP committee may begin to implement the IEP on the start day of the school year. Or, if necessary for the child to receive FAPE, the ARD/IEP committee may decide to begin to implement the IEP through ESY services. Ex. PASS/AB students participate in Behavior/Social Skills Programs.

2. Students who receive mainstream services (Instructional Arrangement: 40, 41, 42) are ineligible for state funding through ESY services. This does not mean that districts should not or cannot administer mainstream services as an Extended Year Summer School Program. If a student who received mainstream services during the regular school year needs mainstream services through the summer, then the school district should serve the student accordingly. However, funding for this mainstream service will have to come from sources other than ESY services.

Important ESY Dates and Info

 ARD/IEP Procedures for ESY Meetings

The need for ESY services is to be discussed in an ARD/IEP committee meeting, documented in the deliberations, and maintained in the student's special education eligibility folder and in the special education data management system. The ARD/IEP Supplement and Extended School Year Regression / Recoupment Data Form should be completed and archived if the IEP team determines that the student requires ESY services (Please see detailed flowchart of the process above on the ESY Consideration Fowchart).

 Criteria for ESY services are identified in SBOE Rules and should be utilized in determining need. A student's individual needs are to be considered by the ARD/IEP committee. Special Education Department chairpersons and/or field office personnel are to:

  • Submit the IEP goals and objectives to be addressed for each student recommended for ESY services. This information includes the frequency and duration of the ESY services as determined by the ARD/IEP Committee. If appropriate, include goals and/or objectives for behavior and related services.
  • Indicate information regarding dietary and/or medical restrictions on the Class List form for each individual student, as appropriate on the Functional Living Skills document. Example: John requires tube feeding 3x per day.
  •  Complete the transportation registration in eSped and verify summer address and contact information.
The Campus Special Education team will provide written notification to parents regarding the student's Summer ESY services site, start date, end date, and length of day for instructional services (form to be added pending final approval) 

Specific questions regarding summer services should be directed to ESY Coordinator, Shawn Wade-Smith at 281-891-8288 or email her at

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