End of Year (EOY) Check-In Procedures

What We Do

At the end of each year Special Education Department Chairs, Team Leads, and Compliance Specialists come together to submit documents and equipment regarding students who are being promoted to middle or high school, who are changing programs, or who are being assigned to a new campus due to district rezoning. 

DC/TL attendance is required-all material should be brought with you to the administration building during your check in time.

1. Transfer student folders-change of campus 
2. State paperwork for Records room
3. Radios & Calculators
4. Chromebooks 
5. Ipads
6. Assistive Technology
7. ESY & Summer School Documentation
8. Transportation Supplements
9. XLogs
10. PPCD COSF (Elementary Only)

2018-2019 School Year Dates  (Sign-up for Check-In Times Will Ocurr at the April DC/TL/CS Connection):
  • Elementary Check-In: Wednesday, May 22rd  
  • Middle School Check-In: Thursday, May 23th
  • High School Check-In: Friday, May 24

What to Bring

1. Transfer Folders: 
ALL students being promoted from 5th—6th  and 8th—9th as well as for Students moving campuses based on programming, rezoning, or Lottery Acceptance (New Campuses for 2019-2020 School Year: Springwoods Village Middle School and Spring Leadership Academy) 
  • Student Profiles need to be printed from eStar for ALL students moving campuses-paper clip inside of the red folder (see How To Guide). On the printed Student Profile page, add additional comments (handwritten) specific to that student’s needs.  This could include assistive technology, medical, special learning needs, etc.
  • Provide the Folder Tracking Delivery Sheet with the names of all the students that will be going from your campus to each specific campus. There should be one for each campus. These need to be in alpha order with notations of “Key Student Details” to be shared with a campus coordinator. Three copies of each Folder Tracking Delivery Sheet is needed. 
  • Sort all folders by receiving school, put them in alphabetical order with the Folder Tracking Delivery Sheet on top.
  • You will have your folders reviewed and signed by district staff member.  

2. State Documents:
  • All documents are originals 
  • All Originals should be placed in individual manila file folders, by student, and put in alphabetical order 
  • Originals needed, in this order, include:
o eStar Cover Sheet (for scanning documents- How To Guide)
o Teacher Conference Logs - must be one for each student
o Verification of Receipt of Accommodations & Modifications from document share from the annual ARD occurred during the school year.  This should show that signatures were obtained electronically (How To Guide)
o Last eStar progress report-must be cumulative and archived with May 30, 2019 as the final progress report date.
o Copy of the Archive Manager Page (How To Guide)
  • All folders should be submitted in alphabetical order with the student’s name (Last Name, First Name) written on the tab of the file folder.
3. Radios & Calculators
  • All Radios provided by the Special Education Department should be brought back with chargers, battery pack and antennas. The battery should be separated from the radio.
  • All Calculators (secondary only) provided by the Special Education Department should be brought back with the cover and the docking station (base)
  • Report missing/broken materials in the appropriate section of the Campus Radio Check-In Form.
  • The Campus Radio Check-In Form should be signed by both the principal and DC/TL
     **Note: Not all campuses have radios or calculators checked out.  If you are unsure, please contact sers@springisd.org**

4. Chromebooks
  • All Chromebooks provided by the Special Education Department should be brought back with ORIGINAL chargers  **Note: These do include the Chromebooks assigned to individual students as an assistive technology device.
     **Note: Not all campuses have Chromebooks checked out.  If you are unsure, please contact sers@springisd.org**

5. iPads
  • iPads will be picked up by the campus coordinator 1 week prior to check in.  A date will be set up for the pick up and each case manager with an iPad checked out will need to sign their iPad, cable and charging block back in.
  • Any items not submitted when the coordinator picks the items up will need to be brought to check in.  A list of missing items will be provided to the DC/TL/CS prior to check in.
6.  Assistive Technology 
  • For each piece of Assistive Technology, complete the Assistive Tech Device Transfer Form and submit the equipment along with the form.  Be sure to indicate if the student is attending ESY or Summer School and the campus they will be attending next school year.  This will ensure that the equipment can be delivered to and picked up from ESY/Summer School.
    1. Each piece of equipment must have its own form
    2. The form should be rubber banded to the piece of equipment
  • Complete the Assistive Tech Large Equipment Form for any piece of equipment that needs to be transferred to another campus for a student.  This may include gait trainers, walkers, changing tables, etc.  Big Mac Buttons and switches should be submitted at check in with individual Assistive Tech Check In Forms.  The form should be taped to the piece of equipment.  Please bring a copy of the form that is attached to the piece of equipment.
  • Each AT Form should be signed by principal and DC/TL  
  • If you have a PPCD program on your campus, be sure to pick up the PPCD iPad, Square Panda Device and Tiggley Pieces assigned to each PPCD teacher.
  • An inventory list of the Assistive Technology will be sent to the DC/TL of each campus on May 1.
     **Note: All AAC devices will be picked up by Assistive Technology

7. ESY and Summer School

  • For Summer School: Complete the Summer School Receipt of SpEd Documentation Record form for the students attending summer school.  The following items should be provided to the Summer School Coordinator for which your students are attending and can be printed using the Summer School Bundle:
    • Verification of Receipt of Instructional Accommodations/Modifications Form (with Student Name field filled in at top)
    • PLAAFP statement
    • IEP Goals and Objectives
    • Accommodations/Modifications (attach supplemental aids and color overlays for Summer School course). If the student has Assistive Technology, email assistivetech@springisd.org  for any questions and/or concerns.
    • Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) (if applicable)
    • Intensive Program of Instruction (IPI) AND the AIP 
    • State Testing Accommodations Page (for students retaking the STAAR/EOC Test)
    • Special Transportation Documentation (if applicable)
  • The Summer School IEP Documentation page must be signed by the Summer School Coordinator indicating receipt of the items.  Only the Form should be submitted at Check In.
  • For ESY, provide the following:
    • Final List of ARDed ESY students for your campus (ESY Check In Form). Every campus must submit a form (if your campus does not have any students please write NONE)
    • eStar Student Profile for each student attending ESY
    • The following eSTAR documents for students attending ESY are needed: PLAAFP, Goals and Objectives and Accommodations, BIP, personal care supplement, AU Supplement, transportation supplement, and final progress report dated 5/30/19.  This can be done by printing the ESY Bundle.
    • Blank data sheets from eStar with the goals and objectives printed
    • Complete Student Health Form
    • All ESY materials must be brought to check in for any student attending ESY
    • A student physical schedule (can be picture, check off, or object schedule)
    • Complete the Return Material / Equipment Transfer Form
8.  Special Education Transportation
  • Print the individual transportation supplements for each student
  • See “How To” Guide as to how to print these materials
  • For each transportation supplement, you will need to verify the time of the school day as well as verifying the correct location for the next year services.
  • If next year services are not documented in the transportation supplement, this will need to be corrected prior to check in.  You do not have to have an amendment to make changes to the transportation supplement.  Each supplement must also include TWO emergency contacts and numbers.
9.  xLogs
  • At the xLogs station, each teacher and para account will be reviewed to ensure that all services have been documented and posted from the start of school through May 17, 2019.
  • The DC/TL/CS should ensure that each campus based service provider has documented and posted sessions from the start of school through May 17, 2019.
10. PPCD COSF (Elementary Only)
  • Provide a copy of the PPCD All Clear email from Amanda Toon for Entry COSFs
  • Provide a copy of the PPCD All Clear email from Lisa Bryant for Exit COSFs
  • Provide a copy of any entry and exit COSFs that have not yet been submitted