District Templates

What's Required / What We Do

he forms below include are the district templates   As we move forward, we must ensure that we maintain and use our district branding.  All of us must use these templates and color schemes without modifications.  No changes, no edits, nor modifications to the colors or logos.

Please read the attached branding guide regarding specific expectations.

Spring ISD Primary Color Palette


Form Creation Check-fors
  • Header: blank with Special Education Department Logo in the upper right hand corner
  • Form Title: Garamond Font, size 14 or 16 (do not use all caps)
  • Colors: Use Spring ISD color palette for boxes, lines, arrows, etc.
  • Text: Ariel, size 11 or 12
  • Footer: includes using auto date update in size 9 font and aligned right  "Updated: MM/DD/YYYY"