Community Academic Structured Education (CASE)

What We Do

Program Des

The Spring ISD Community Academic Structured Education (CASE) program is designed to address the needs of students with significant cognitive and academic behavior that affects how the student behaves, interacts with others, communicates, and learn, as well as students with some significant developmental disabilities within the school and community settings. This program provides an alternative curriculum which focuses on TEKS at the prerequisite level. Through the curriculum, students are prepared to lead successful and fulfilling lives as adults. A low student to staff ratio is provided to ensure the academic, behavior, and functional needs of the students are addressed in this most restrictive classroom setting. 

 Qualifying Descriptors:

  • Significant cognitive disability
  • Social skills deficits
  • Maladaptive behaviors
  • Functional self-help skill deficits
  • Significant limitations in adaptive behaviors in the following skill areas: communication, self-care/interpersonal skills, and functional academic skills
  • Formal assessment data and functional data that supports the student requiring an alternative curriculum to access the general curriculum

Description of Support: 

  • Providing a structured and stimulating classroom environment
  • Providing hands-on learning activities
  • Providing opportunities to access an alternative curriculum within an inclusive school and community environment
  • Preparing students to perform “real work” in a variety of integrated work environments, including the students’ campus 
  • Developing age-appropriate, “real-life” functional and academic skills in reading, writing, and mathematics
  • Teaching social skills through daily integrated lessons
  • Teaching skills necessary to access community facilities and services 
  • Assisting students in utilizing their free time creatively and constructively